MK1: Charlie's story

I've always wanted it. To be a star. But I've always hidden behind my sister's shadow. Well not anymore.
The X Factor. It's a show we've all heard of, or watched at some point. But now I won't just be watching it. I'll be living it.

Charlie's that charismatic girl in MK1, the one with more swag than you can imagine. But there's more behind her. There's a broken heart, a crying mind, and such a precious, fragile soul that's hiding behind a mask. Her "friend" Simeon's getting a bit too caught up in the limelight, and Charlie hears some news that could ruin her life forever.

A story of love, music, friendship, and a whole other side to the X Factor sensation that you've never seen before.


2. The Live Shows

The stage is lit up by tiny gold flecks that dot across it's edge. In front of it, lies the table the judges will be sitting at shortly. I run my hands through my short blonde curls, nerves shooting through my vains.

"Charlie!" Simeon calls, running in from the door, arms stretched out. "There's ma man!" He comes over and sits next to me in a chair, that soon, will be taken by audience.

"Hi," I mumble, and pull my snapback down so it's hiding my eyes.

"I've made a couple changes in our song, awright?" He shoves a piece of paper into my hands. I study it for a moment.

"Simeon, you've basically cut out all my parts," I say, pushing my hat back up and look at him.

"Well..." he starts. "I fink that, you just...might ruin our chances, y'know? Maybe if you gave me more rappin' stuff, then we'll have a betta chance of winning." I shake my head and try not to meet his eyes.

"Forget it." I walk off, rip the paper, and chuck it away. Simeon's no friend. He's fake. Everything he does is for the cameras.


"Louis," I start. We're on our own in his dressing room. "It's about Simeon..."

"Getting on okay are you?" He chirps. He doesn't know the half of it.

"Well, actually, I was wondering if-" He waves me off mid sentance.

"Sorry Charlie, can we talk later? I'm really busy right now," He's getting up, and ushering me out the door. "Come in tomorrow some time, yeah?" I sulk, but fake a smile.

"Sure. It wasn't important anyway..." I lie, and walk down the long corridor. I stare at the ground and don't bother looking where I'm going. Suddenly I bump into something, causing me to stumble backwards. "Owch!" I rub my head and look up. My heart stops, then dances round.

"Sorry," a boy says. "Are you badly hurt? I'm George by the way." I smile, and all the sulkiness inside me immediately disappears.

"Charlie," I reply. "And no, I'm fine." I feel my cheeks blush rapidly. George has the most amazing eyes, and dark brown windswept ruffled hair. His smile could light up the whole city.

"Well..." he starts, shuffling his feet. "I'll, um, see you later, then."


The audience is massive. I tremble as I hold the microphone to my lips, but the lyrics spill out easily. I'm half disappointed-half relieved when the song is over, and luckily, the judges didn't spot my nerves. I try not to make eye contact with Simeon, annoyed at the last minute changes he made.

"Well done," Louis mouths, before Dermot ushers us offstage. I don't say a word to Simeon, just head straight to our room, and lie across the bed, hoping for a relaxing night. But my hopes are too high. My phone rings loudly, it's jingle filling the room with unwanted happiness. I groan and pick it up, accepting the call. It's mum.

"Hello?" I say, and my mum is too quick to answer. I can tell something's up. Her breathing's quick.

"Charlie it's me," her words are rushed, and she sounds scared, angry and devostated all at the same time. "You know the blood test you got a couple months ago? Well we just got the results, and...and even the doctors were shocked...." Her voice gets muffled and I can tell she's crying.

"What?" I snap, fear rolling into me. I know it's not good news. "Just tell me!" She sighs.

" have cancer."

The world stops for a minute. I can't hear anything, and everything spins. The phone falls out of my hand. I fall back into the bed, and shut my eyes, and wish to never wake up again. A high pitched noise rings in my ear, and I curl up into a ball. I forget everything that's happening, and just focus on my future. Death. I can tell my life is coming up to a dead end. Literally. Suddenly I zoom back into reality, as I hear the door click open. It's Sim.

"Charlie, my bro'," he says with a grin. I look up at him, and feel my face go pale. "Great performance today girrll, just a couple fings that could've been a bit more tight, y'know. I fink my bit's were all good, but it's just your..." I zone out again. I think of mum, dad, Jenny- my sister, gran, grandad, everyone. Even that boy I met today...George. Then Simeon comes into my mind, and everything goes cold and crooked. Even my blood is icey as it rips through my veins. I get up and push Sim into the wall. Shock spreads across his face.

"You couldn't care less could you? About me? It's all about you! I hate you! I HATE YOU!!" I rage. My fist meets his nose for a brief second with power and hatrid, and blood scatters across his face. I slam the door shut and run down the corridor. Louis smiles at me.

"Well done, Charlie, but we'll brush up on some-" I push him out of the way and he slams back into the wall. I don't deserve this. No one else deserves this. It's like in jenga, you take out a piece, and everything collapses. Families are like that, and friends. You take out someone's life, and everything and everyone fall a part. I storm through the corridor, no intention of going anywhere, just to get out of this trap that they call the X Factor.


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