MK1: Charlie's story

I've always wanted it. To be a star. But I've always hidden behind my sister's shadow. Well not anymore.
The X Factor. It's a show we've all heard of, or watched at some point. But now I won't just be watching it. I'll be living it.

Charlie's that charismatic girl in MK1, the one with more swag than you can imagine. But there's more behind her. There's a broken heart, a crying mind, and such a precious, fragile soul that's hiding behind a mask. Her "friend" Simeon's getting a bit too caught up in the limelight, and Charlie hears some news that could ruin her life forever.

A story of love, music, friendship, and a whole other side to the X Factor sensation that you've never seen before.


1. The Judge's Houses

My hands tremble as my fingers brush away a stray blonde curl from my eye. My other hand is clutching tight onto the microphone. "Come on," Simeon says, tugging my shirt. "We made it past the auditions, so we can make it past this." I climb up a marble stairway, and try and breathe the nerves away. But as I reach the top, they come back straight away as cameras are shoved in my face. A man dressed in fully black ushers me and Simeon onto a seat, and a lady comes and powders my face. I don't react much, but Simeon struggles away when the lady comes to put make up on his face. "Oi!" he says, pulling away. "What you playin' at?" She backs away hesitantly, and the man in black whispers something in her ear, and she's gone. We sit in silence for a bit, but I can tell Simeon's restless. "Well?!" he starts, but the man cuts him off by shoving a finger to Simeon's lips.

"Look," he hisses. "Can you just wait 5 minutes? We're doing our best!" I take a deep breath. 5 minutes. I look around me. We're in a big room with many sofas, and there's a table laid with cocktails and ice tea.       "What are the cameras for?" Simeon asks. "We're not doing anything, what's there to film?" The man sighs.

"We need footage to put on the show, of you two being natural, just talking, "chilling" as you like to say, but it doesn't really look like there's going to be anything we can use right now, does it?" I take the bait, and swallow hard. I nudge Simeon's arm.

"Hey, Si'," I say and jerk my head slightly. "D'you think we'll make it past the judges houses?" I reach up to my snapback and grin cheekily at the cameras. My nerves instantly dissolve away. This is the Charlie I wish I was all the time. Simeon catches on and looks at me and shrugs.

"I dunno," he says. "Hopefully Louis thinks we've got the potential." The man in black is sitting back, one finger placed thoughtfully on his chin, watching us act as if we really are best friends. If only. "I'm so glad he's our mentor," he lies. In fact he hasn't stopped moaning about how annoyed he is at the fact we have "a pensioner" as our mentor.

"Yeah," I say, and throw some swag in with it. I give that "I'm too cool for this stuff" look at the camera and then throw my head back laughing. Hopefully this will give them enough footage. Then I see someone I recognise at the bottom of another flight of stairs. It's Dermot. "It's time," he says. I close my eyes, making a quick prayer, then rush up the stairs, Simeon leading the way.

We're on a big terrace, looking over LA, the sun melting into the horizon, leaving pink and gold streaks across the sky. Louis' sitting back in a soft pillowy white chair, sipping water, and Sharon is there too, with a cocktail in her hand. I spot three cameras, all taking footage from different angles. I put my act on again and grin cheekily at the two judges. "Whenever you're ready," Louis chirps. I nod, and pull the mic up to my lips, and the words come out in a melody full of swag and coolness without me even thinking about it. Simeon's rap takes over, and I see Sharon nodding approvingly to Louis. Score!

Next thing I know, we're ushered over to Dermot to talk about the performance. Cameras are shoved in our faces again. "How did it go?" Dermot says. I smile and nod.

"Hope it went well. We tried our best, eh?" I look up at Simeon.

"We gave it ev'ryfing," he nods.


I'm back on the terrace again, arm around Simeon, sitting before Louis who's either going to tell me my dream can come true, or he can crush everything for me.

"Right," he says, rolling his shoulders. My face crinkles up, and my mouth twists. I just want that yes so badly. "You're performance last night, it was good no doubt about it. You're fresh, you're current, you're different...but are you ready for this? There's many good acts here, and I don't know if you can reach that standard. Will people buy you're albums?" Simeon throws his head back and makes a prayer with his hands. "I've thought about it long and hard. It was a really tough decision. But in the end it became clear...guys," he looks at me intensley for a moment, then Simeon. "I'm so sorry, it's bad news..." everything crushes inside me and I feel like crumbling and drowning in my tears. But he's not finished. "You're going to have to put up with me for longer because you're through to the live shows!!!!" I turn to Simeon, shocked, and wrap my arms around him. Whether we are really friends are not, I couldn't care less right now. I feel on top of the world. My whole face is smiling. I run over to Louis and squeeze him tightly. "Thank you so much!" I say, laughing with joy.



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