Broken but Strong

Thalia lost almost everything when she ran away from home. Her and her gorgeous sister Kara started living on the run, living in various hotels across England. They've had on and off jobs since they ran away when they were 12, but now they're 18 and they got a job they hope to keep. Bartenders in one of the best clubs in England. Since getting this job, Thalia is no longer empty inside, and she's turns into a sexual beast. Thalia runs into five gorgeous guys who appear to be famous, and she fell in love. Thalia was always a bit of a slut, but with these boys she goes all out. Will Thalia find something real with these boys or will they just be more of her one night stands that'll eventually fade away.
WARNING: This story is rated PG 14 due to lots of cussing and several sexual parts


5. Your Turn!

It was Liam's turn. Before Harry went into my room, he warned me "watch out tonight! Rumour has it Liam's got a ten inch cock" then he walked away laughing. Mmm if that's true I am in for an interesting night. When I walked into the kitchen Liam was already laying on the rug naked. He pointed to his cock. "You know what to do" he said with a smirk. I layed down with his cock in my face. I decided to taunt him. I gently fingered his cock, kissing his tip. I continued kissing all over his cock while he moaned constantly. Then I took in part of it. Then more, then all. "Suck it harder babe" Liam said breathing heavily. I continued sucking till he shouted "I'm about to cum!" When I quickly ripped of my clothes and layed on top of him, our naked bodies pressed together. He entered my fast and roughly, his cum warming me from the inside. Then he kissed me roughly sticking a tongue in right away. Our tongues danced for hours. Liam was good, but nothing above average. He was your average one night stand. Same with Harry. All the boys seemed the same. Maybe I should just kick them out tomorrow. Yeah that was a good idea. But something in me didn't want to lose them. Especially Niall… that blonde hair and sexy accent… no Thalia! Don't think like that! He's a one night stand! Not a boyfriend. Maybe I'll give Niall a chance tomorrow. See if he's special.

I couldn't wait for tomorrow night. It's morning now. I ran to the store and bought a sexy bikini and some board shorts. This was for me and Niall. I'm thinking jacuzzi tonight. When I got home I gave Niall the board shorts. The other guys were still sleeping. This was our chance. "You. Me. Jacuzzi. Five minutes." He laughed and went to change. I put on my bikini. Niall was already in the jacuzzi when I came out. I hoped in with him. Niall put his arm around me. Then he kissed me on the cheek. "Aren't you gonna do something sexual?" I asked him. "Nah. I thought we'd just relax" he said cutely. There was something special about this one. I leaned in and and kissed him. I real kiss. Not a drunk, sexual one like with Harry or Liam. This kiss was special. When I finally pulled back gently, I rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me. And we fell asleep like that.
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