Broken but Strong

Thalia lost almost everything when she ran away from home. Her and her gorgeous sister Kara started living on the run, living in various hotels across England. They've had on and off jobs since they ran away when they were 12, but now they're 18 and they got a job they hope to keep. Bartenders in one of the best clubs in England. Since getting this job, Thalia is no longer empty inside, and she's turns into a sexual beast. Thalia runs into five gorgeous guys who appear to be famous, and she fell in love. Thalia was always a bit of a slut, but with these boys she goes all out. Will Thalia find something real with these boys or will they just be more of her one night stands that'll eventually fade away.
WARNING: This story is rated PG 14 due to lots of cussing and several sexual parts


6. Why does she do this?


UGH MY SISTER! Honestly why is she such a bitch! I sleep with ONE GUY. She sleeps with like 20 a month! Yet she freaks out at me! What does she have to gain from this? From sleeping with random strangers, half the time not even catching their name. She's fucking 18! Sooner or later she's gonna fucking get pregnant and who's gonna laugh then? Me. Then she'll pay for being a slut. Then maybe she'll regret it all. And those five boys! Why would she flirt with five at once! I mean sure their kinda cute. Okay really cute. But seriously she could've at least zeroed in on one! I mean damn five is a new low. Even for Thalia. Why couldn't I have gotten a normal sister? But no, she had to get a slut.


Thalia was something different. I know she's suppossed to be a one night stand but I'd rather date than have sex with her. She's really cute, and that pink streak in her hair shows she's original and not afraid to stand out. Major turn on. In the jacuzzi I think I saw the real Thalia. The sweet sensitive Thalia. As opposed to the Thalia who according to Harry "was a panther in the bedroom" I knew she had something special about her. Something that was the reason for me wanting her to be mine. I've been looking for a girl for a long time. And I think I may have found her.


Hey guys! How is it so far? What do you guys think of Thalia? Do you think she should date Niall? Why? Why not? Give me feedback! ~Molly xx
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