Broken but Strong

Thalia lost almost everything when she ran away from home. Her and her gorgeous sister Kara started living on the run, living in various hotels across England. They've had on and off jobs since they ran away when they were 12, but now they're 18 and they got a job they hope to keep. Bartenders in one of the best clubs in England. Since getting this job, Thalia is no longer empty inside, and she's turns into a sexual beast. Thalia runs into five gorgeous guys who appear to be famous, and she fell in love. Thalia was always a bit of a slut, but with these boys she goes all out. Will Thalia find something real with these boys or will they just be more of her one night stands that'll eventually fade away.
WARNING: This story is rated PG 14 due to lots of cussing and several sexual parts


4. Waking Up

I woke up the next morning on top of Harry, both of us naked. I remembered last night. Wow he was good in bed. If he was this good I bet the rest would be just as good. I defintely was ready for tomorrow night, and all the rest of the nights till I was done with these boys. I found my pair of sweats and went to go visit the other boys. They were asleep on the living room floor. At the sound of my footsteps they woke up. "What happened to the rest of us?" said Liam. "I've changed the system. Each of you gets one full night with me, so your gonna stay here for a while. Tell your manager or whoever that your on vacation" I said to the boys. "Works for me" said Zayn. "Who's turn is it tonight?" I asked them. "Depends where you what spot you're thinking of" said Liam. I looked around the suite. "The super fuzzy rug in the kitchen" I said finally. "I'm there." Said Liam. "Sweet" I said. Then Harry walked in. "Who's going tomorrow?" Harry said. "I am" said Liam. "Good luck with that!" Harry said with a laugh. "That girl (he pointed at me) is AMAZING in bed!" and he walked out laughing. I just sat there blushing. Then I realized something. "Guys did anyone see Kara this morning?" I asked the boys. "Who's Kara?" Louis asked. "My sister" I answered. "Which one was she?" Said Zayn. "The hot blonde who was my fellow bartender" I answered "I saw her leaving with another guy. Black hair, tan skin, nice build" said Louis. "What! Kara the innocent virgin got a one night stand!" I said in utter shock. "It looks like" said Liam. Kara walked in the door. "Well well well. If it isn't Kara no-longer-a-virgin Johnson!" I said. "What?" She said. "You just slept with a stranger then ditched him! That's called a one night stand!" I said. "So what if I did? You do that all the time!" She said, suddenly angry. "Yeah but you were a virgin!" I yelled back. "Just mind your own buisness Thalia!" She said and stormed off to her room. The rest of the day was pretty boring. I just made some idle conversation with the boys. I made sure not to get too attached to them though. You can't fall in love with your one night stand. It's like a law.

Tonight was Liam's turn. I told the boys they could chill in my room tonight, so they wouldn't hear our screams
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