Broken but Strong

Thalia lost almost everything when she ran away from home. Her and her gorgeous sister Kara started living on the run, living in various hotels across England. They've had on and off jobs since they ran away when they were 12, but now they're 18 and they got a job they hope to keep. Bartenders in one of the best clubs in England. Since getting this job, Thalia is no longer empty inside, and she's turns into a sexual beast. Thalia runs into five gorgeous guys who appear to be famous, and she fell in love. Thalia was always a bit of a slut, but with these boys she goes all out. Will Thalia find something real with these boys or will they just be more of her one night stands that'll eventually fade away.
WARNING: This story is rated PG 14 due to lots of cussing and several sexual parts


3. Making Memories

"Who's first!" I yelled when we got into my hotel. We were all stone drunk and ready to have sex. Harry raised his hand. "Me first!" He yelled. "Where?" I asked. He didn't answer. Lets start somewhere basic like the bedroom and work our way towards the more fun places. I led him to the bedroom. "You guys wait here" I said to the other four, gesturing at the couch. The bed was huge. Perfect. Harry started to unzip my dress. I was wearing a super tight, super short, white cocktail dress. It made me look very curvy. Alright I'll just admit it, I was being modest earlier, I have an awesome figure. My ass is huge, and my boobs super big. My dress slid to the ground. Revealing my Victoria's Secret lingerie. Harry licked his lips. I threw myself onto him, knocking him to the bed. He crashed his lips onto mine, then seductively sticking a tongue. Our tomgues fought violently as I ripped his shirt and pants off. He finally pulled back from the kiss so that he could unclip my bra, which slid to the floor. Then he removed my thong using his teeth. Impressive. I pushed his boxers to the floor. Harry looked me in the eyes. Then without warning he kissed my neck violently, hitting all my sweet spots. I moaned and moaned constantly. He made his way down my chest, stopping to play with my boobs as he went down. He kept going till he reached my lady parts. He thrusted two fingers in. I let out a quiet scream. He wiggled the fingers around, making me want him even more. Damn he was no rookie to this. He removed the fingers. "Ready?" He whispered. "Now" I answered back. And he thrusted into me fast. "Agh!" I screamed as he pushed further and further in. I totally forgot about the other boys. I can get to them tomorrow, I'm staying here with Harry all night.
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