Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


10. Notting Hill

Amy's POV

I got worried about Lily at 11pm.. she still hadnt replied to my texts but i was so tired so i left it till morning.

I woke up early, 8am. I checked my phone but still nothing from Lily so i sent her a text.

'Hello, sorry if i boasted last night i forgot about your feelings for Harry, hope we can still be friends, A xx'

I put my phone back on charge and went into the shower, although i didn't exactly know what i was going to do today, my plan had been to meet up with Lily but i don't suppose she was up for that anymore.. I got dressed anyhow and sent Niall a text

'Thankyou so much for last night, it really was amazing, i hope i can see you again sometime:)xxxxx'

I went to get breakfast although i wasn't actually that hungry. I couldn't get Lily or Niall off my mind, It was like i had do decide between them. Luckily Niall replied to my text after a bit so it gave me something else to think about.

'Hi babe, would love to do it again soon when i'm next free. You looked beautiful last night xxxxxx'

Texting Niall now felt different, i kind of forgot he was world famous. Now i just saw him as a boyfriend.. atleast i wanted to be his girlfriend..

Lily's POV

I woke up at 8am thanks to Amy sending me a text i didn't know whether to reply or not, but i didn't want her coming over because i had to get ready for my big day with Harry so i decided to reply.

'Haha, sorry i just fell asleep. It's fine, i still want to be friends. I'm going out today with my family so i wondered whether we could talk tomorrow instead?x'

She replied quite quickly, probably already on her phone to Niall,

'Yeah, sure:)'

Atleast that was her off my back for today.. I got up from bed and showered. I wanted to leave time for my hair to be plaited today so when i took it out later it would produce natural waves. I needed to look great for Harry. I had some breakfast and went back up to my room to watch television, i didn't really have a plan for today apart from getting ready which i didn't really need to do until 3, i looked at my clock and it was already 11:30am. I watched Location, Location, Location. The best thing i could find on television to take my mind off the fact soon i would be in Harry's house.. but i still wasnt really relaxed at all. I sat cutting out pictures of One Direction for my wall; It felt weird doing it now, like strange i had actually met these boys.. and i was going to Harry's house tonight.

After watching 2 series' of 'Family Guy' trying to make myself relaxed 3pm came quicker than i'd imagined and when i checked my clock it was already half past. I jumped up put on the radio for some music, Taylor Swift was on with a new song from her album it was a great song to get ready to. I went into my bathroom and wiped my face with a cleanser pad, put primer on my face and left it to sink into my skin. I undid the plaits in my hair, brushed dry shampoo through and put hairspray onto the ends of my hair. It had created a nice wave to my hair. I was impressed. I clipped back my fringe and began to put on my foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick after spraying fix plus all over my face i was ready. I grabbed my pink oversized tee, my leggings and pink converse and looked into the mirror,

Not bad at all Lily, Not bad.

I checked my phone and it was already 4:30pm, i had to leave to get up to Harrys in time.. I grabbed the makeup bag and left.

I took the bus up to harry's i didn't want anyone knowing about this, not even my family. I told my mum i was sleeping at Amy's and then i could sneak back later saying she felt ill or something... anyway i wasn't worried about that now.

It took 3 busses to get up to Harry's but i figured it was an even better idea in the end or the papparazzi would get my numberplate. i DM'ed Harry

'I'm running a bit late but i'll be there in about half an hour xxx'

I forgot how much traffic was in London.. but at 5:48 i got off the bus, walked up to the gates of Primrose Hill and entered. There wasn't as many paps as i thought but i'm pretty sure they didn't take my picture. I walked up confidently with my makeup bag holding my blackberry as though i was a professional.

There were the most beautiful houses up this road. No wonder it was full of celebrities. I walked up to Harry's house, knocked on the door before stepping back to admire the stunning house that i was about to enter. Harry opened the door. Wow he looked amazing even in jogging bottoms and a tee, he stood back in the doorway and i felt his eyes look at me

"Hello, Nice bag" He began to laugh

"It isn't funny you know!" I smiled at him, he looked amazing, even better than i remember

"Are you going to come in then?" He smiled

"Urm, yes!" I said walking into the biggest house i think i've seen, he had decorated it well, it was really modern and sleek.

"This house is lush harry" I said turning to face him

"Thankyou, i try to decorate whenever i'm home,l it's a bit of a mess but what do you expect" He laughed walking towards me "Ive missed you Lily"

"I haven't stopped thinking about you" I blushed

"haha, come here" He laughed walking up to hug me. His hugs were amazing, he smelt amazing too. His whole house had a pretty scent in the air, just like him.

"Did you want a drink or anything?" He said pulling away and walking towards what i'm presuming was the kitchen.

"Yes please" I said following him into the kitchen.

It was huge. Black reflective cupboards, a shiny tiled floor, a huge cooker and stove and it was really clean. He opened up a big american style fridge and got me out a can of Tango

"Is this okay?" He said waving it up at me

"Yeah, i love tango" I smiled

He lead me into a room lit by fairy lights which had a huge cinema television and beanbags everywhere.

"This is usually where me and the boys play video games so urm, it's a bit messy but.. it was Niall, all Niall" He said winking at me picking up some of the rubbish

"I didn't really know what movies you liked but one of my favourites is Notting Hill so i thought we could maybe watch this, but you don't have too." He said

"That's great, that's one of my favourites too!" I replied happily

"Really? That's great then" He said staring at me

why was he so beautiful. He put the film on and went into the kitchen and grabbed popcorn and sweets, he threw me a bean bag to sit on and got himself one, he put it right next to mine. The film started at when i tried to speak he told me to 'Shhh' I threw popcorn at him and he laughed.

"Don't mess this room up anymore missy" He told me looking at all the other rubbish around, presumabley left by the other boys.

I laughed at him, he was really attractive, everything he said was so interesting, i couldn't help but feel boring..

About half way through the film i felt his muscley, warm arm wrap around my neck i couldnt help but lean into his chest, i could feel his heartbeat as i rested my ear on his chest, he ran his fingers through my hair and put his chin ontop of my head. I did know what to think, did he like me, was he interested?

Of course i had loved him for ages but how did he feel? I couldn't concentrate on the film anymore i needed to know, I tried to raise my head to ask but his warm, soft lips pressed up against my hair and he kissed my head. He kept his lips on my head for a while before rasing his head.

"I really like you too" he said as though he had read my thoughts...

Harry's POV

I had to kiss her, she was pretty and funny, i really did like her,her hair smelt amazing it was soft as i ran my fingers through it and she just looked so peaceful cuddled up to me watching this film. I couldn't think of a better way to spend today other than be with her. I wanted to do this more often. Louis and Zayn got to do this all the time with their girlfriends. Why couldn't I? I could. I just needed Lily..






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