Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


1. Moving away

Lily's POV

I couldn't quite get my head round it. I was about to meet the boys on my wall? The boys I'd dreamt about meeting since 2010!? Yes, Yes i was. I was about to meet Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson and i couldn't wait.

I moved from London when i was 5 years old, and I'm now 16. So i have spent the majority of my life living in Narnia, or as it's also known as.. The Countryside. However i still visit my friends in London every christmas without fail, i mean who would miss that opportunity of christmas shopping in such a beautiful lit up place, with the best shops all in one place! When i visited London i stayed at  Jayne and Steves, friends of my families house. They lived in a beautiful detached modern home. A dream in my life. Jayne and Steve both had good jobs but knew my family through their son who my mum used to nanny for. Steve worked as a producer at radio 1 and Jayne worked in fashion, high end fashion. It was Steve who had given me this opportuinity.


Amy's POV

'I hate Mondays' I thought to myself as i looked in the mirror at 6:32am. Waking up early, having to catch a bus and sit through the most boring lessons when all you want to do is talk about your weekend. How can anyone possibly enjoy a Monday. This weekend wasnt much fun though.. well it is in my world if you count reading 7 fan fictions and stalking Niall Horan on twitter fun, but no one at school really wants to hear about that do they? Apart from Lily of course.

Checking my twitter i had 3 new DM's from Lily telling me she had something really exciting to tell me about at school, which is quite possibly the only reason i can drag myself in today. I know i'm not going in for the thought of double maths anyway.


Lily's POV

This was exciting. Steve knew my love for One Direction and he has just offered me the opportuinity to go and meet them after their interview at Radio 1!? I knew only one friend who was fit for this date to come with me. Amy. I arrived at school super early and waited patiently for Amy. Wondering just how she was going to react to this news. We had waited 2 whole years for something like this and it was finally going to happen. I could not believe it.


Amy's POV

I got off the bus and saw Lily inside school, she was early wasn't she? Usually Lily was late to school after wasting too much time in the shower or choosing which colour lipstick to wear. This news must be good i thought. She was running towards me pratically hyperventilating! "Calm down Lily!" I said, she was looking so panicked. Maybe this news was bad afterall..


Lily's POV

As soon as i saw Amy i ran. i had to tell her. Just as soon as i could breathe.. "AMY AMY AMY! WE CAN MEET OUR BOYS! STEVE. TICKETS. RADIO 1. INTERVIEW!" I never had to form full sentences for Amy to understand what i meant we knew each other so well. I watched as Amy sat on the floor struggling to breathe "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" She screamed

"Yes! Yes i am!" I cried


Amy's POV

It was a Monday morning. i was sat on the wet ground from the night before crying. I WAS GOING TO MEET NIALL. I was just going to tell Lily about a great Fanfiction i read on the weekend and she says this! Oh my goodness. "How long have we got!?" I screamed, anyone who was walking past must of thought i was mental, screaming every word sat on the wet ground crying. But Lily knew what i meant by this. I wasn't focused on how long till we meet them yet. I needed to know how long i had to choose the best outfit in the world ready for my encounter with Niall Horan.

"Thats the thing" Lily said

"Oh no!" Amy was worried now..

"well it's the summer holidays soon and..."

The summer holidays started on Wednesday... Oh no i kept thinking..

"and urm.. we are kind of going on Thursday! But we can make it work!"

Don't get me wrong there was no way i was going to miss meeting One Direction but now i had 3 days to plan an outfit, how i was going to have my hair and makeup and to avoid any spots! This was never going to work!



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