Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


4. Meeting

Amy's POV

The car journey was long and tiring. all i wanted to do was meet the boys i have waited so long for! We listened to The 'Up All Night' album on the way over to the radio studio, singing along to it, in the back of Steves car.

As we got into more central London i recognised some of the famous sights, Big Ben, The London eye, Houses of Parliment and Buckingham palace. London always looked exciting and busy and i hoped i would get a chance to live here one day. But then steves car stopped. This was it.

There was hundreds and hundreds of fans waiting outside the studio, screaming the boys names. it felt so surreal being able to push past them and go into the studio with Steve and Lily. Steve had an ID card which he scanned to get us through the many doors. As i entered the building i had butterflies in my stomach and the smell of Coffee was really unsettling. We walked through many corridors, up two flights of stairs and into a studio.

"Hello Steve!" i heard one of the producers say, "Brought these girls for 1D haha?"

Steve replied "yes i think they're very excited! Aren't you girls?"

I nodded excitedly. Steve showed us to some seats in the studio which were right next to where the boys would be sitting.

"We are a bit early Girls but Laura is gunna give you some headphones and tell you about whats going to happen"

Laura was a short blonde girl, she wore lots of lipgloss and jangly jewellery.

"Hi Girls! I bet you're very excited!" She said in a jumpy way

"Yeah, Very!" Lily and I said in unison

"Well here is your headphones, the boy's are going to be through any moment but we must keep the meet and greet till after the interview? We promised our listeners a certain time" She said Smiling

"Yes that's fine!" i heard Lily say

i turned to Lily and we both smiled, "This is so surreal!" i said to her

"I know i can't believe we are actually here about to meet them!"

We sat trying not to scream and embarrass ourselves but everytime the door opened i wanted to jump up and see if it was them, we waited for what seemed like hours but it had only actually been 10 minutes when i looked at my phone.

"How long do you think..." I stopped. before i could finish my sentence Laura ran up to us

"they are coming over now girls!"

We both jumped up and in entered the most hot boys... EVER.


Lily's POV

They were beautiful. Better than the posters. In walked Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall and finally Harry. His hair perfectly curled and swept to one side. He wore a grey tee shirt and black skin tight jeans showing off his muscular figure. A airplane necklace bounced against his chest and a smile appeared on his face.

"Hiya babe" I heard Louis say to Amy

"urm Hi Hiya!" she stuttered back

"Hey girls!" Zayn waved looking over at us, we waved back but laura said they must get back down to the interview and we could talk later, Niall, Liam and Harry smiled over and waved, placing the headphones of the perfectly formed quiffs and curls.

The room smelt of One Direction, i wasn't really sure what that smell was, but it was nice. Very nice.

"Hi It's Greg james here on your morning show for a change! But im here with.. ONE DIRECTION!"

"Hi greg" i heard Louis say whilst the other boys cheered at their names.

They were perfect. The hottest boys. They sat answering questions, talking to listeners and signing some radio 1 merchendice for Greg.

But i couldnt help noticing whilst i admired harry how clicked Niall was on Amy, and Amy was on Niall.

"I think he likes you Amy!" I whispered over excitedly by the thought. We had always talked about our relationships with Harry and Amy's with Niall.

"He's perfect!" Amy whispered back

We watched in awe as the boys answered questions they got asked oh so many times before until they handed it over to us, the directioners on twitter to send in questions. then the boys answered things like

"Whats your favourite thing Niall?"


and "How big is your toenail harry?"

i watched as he laughed. He had a great laugh. Everything about him was great.


Amy's POV

I watched Niall, he watched me.

he was wearing Hi tops with Chinos and a polo shirt, he looked amazing, as always. His hair formed a quiff and his soft irish accent spoke to listeners. His laugh was contageous, he seemed so lovely.

Whenever he looked over i smiled and waved, he always smiled back. Did he really like me!? lily thought so. this all seems so weird i thought to myself. I cannot wait to speak to him after this interview! 

I smiled at the thought.

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