Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


9. Harry

Lily's POV

To my suprise within the hour Harry replied to my DM

'Sorry for such a late reply i had some work to do- Amy is all Niall will talk about at the moment! haha! I think he likes her'

I replied quickly so he would see it

'I was just annoyed because all she will talk about now is Niall and we never spend anytime together anymore'

He responded quickly making me happy he wanted to talk to me

'I don't see much of Niall either at the moment, we should hang out sometime, me and you?'

I read the DM over a hundred times, did he really just say that? He wanted to see me. Just me.

'I would love too' I replied shocked he had even asked

'Great, so how about tomorrow then seen as ive got all my work done now'

TOMORROW?! What this gave me practically no time at all to get ready! It was already 8:30pm at night and he wanted to see me tomorrow. I realised this could be his only opportunity before he became really busy again so i took it.

'Yeah that sounds really good, what shall we do?'

'How about we go watch a movie? Mind you. I might see a lot of fans and i don't suppose you want to be surrounded in them, and i don't really fancy the press story in the papers that we are now married and having kids just because we were spotted together;)'

'I really don't mind Harry but i know it might cause you a lot of fuss on your day off, we don't have too see each other if you don't want'

Of course i still wanted to see him but i wondered how he would reply..

'No, No! I do want to see you, i have thought about you ya know. How about you come here and watch a movie with me?'

Had he just invited me to his house!? To watch a movie!?!

'What at yours?!x' I replied

'Well yeah, that's where i am now hahaha!'

'Yeah that sounds fine! what time tomorrow? and how should i get to your house i mean you don't really want the paparazzi to see im arriving at yours?'

'about 5:30pm? and urm. bring a makup bag. They'll just think you are a makeup artist, they arrive at mine all the time and theres never any stories about them.xx'

'Yeah okay!- See you tomorrow xx'

I got up and danced around my room. I WAS SEEING HARRY TOMORROW! But i had pretty much no time to be dancing! i emptied my wardrobe onto the floor what on earth was i going to wear!? i got my phone out to text Amy..

I didn't want to spoil her night, infact i'm not sure i even wanted her to know i was going. So i left it.

I picked up a makeup suitcase carrier that i'd never used in my life but it was about to get it's first outing- Harry's house!

"You're coming with me" I said aloud. I packed it with a few makeup items i rarely used anymore but it made it look like i was just there to do harrys makeup, or talk business with him. That was that sorted. Luckily Harry had said we were just watching a movie together so i didn't have to look too glam with this makeup bag..

i put aside the clothes he had already seen me in. I could not end up wearing the same as i did before. "Now what to wear!?"

I sat on the floor and searched through the pile of tops. i didn't even know what colour to chose, in the end i went with my favourite colour- pink.

I chose a pink oversized tee, it gave a look i wanted. Like i had put no effort in what so ever but i still looked good. I got out some leggings and pink converse and tried it all on with my makeup bag "Perfect" i thought. This will fool the paps and Harry will find it cute. We were only watching a movie afterall so i decided my baggy tee would look relaxed and comfy'

I took it all off and placed it ready on a chair for tomorrow, since i wasn't leaving till about 5 to get to Harry's i could have a lie in, and shower + do my makeup nicely before getting ready into the clothes i had pre chosen. I put all my other clothes away and checked the time 9:30pm already. I should probably text Amy and see how her night went..

'So TELL ME EVERYTHING THEN!?' I sent. of course i wanted to sound interested. I wouldn't tell her i was seeing Harry tomorrow. I wanted that to be our secret.

'HE SAID HE LOVED ME!' Her reply was almost instant. I threw my phone at the wall.

"Of course he effing did. cause your life is so stupidly perfect" I screamed. I didn't even know why i asked now all she was going to do is boast about what Niall had done and how great the evening was. Here i was sat at home having to DM Harry to even arrange anything and she had just been asked out like that.

I cried into my pillow "I HATE HER."

I didnt hate her at all, it was just in the moment.

Atleast i think so...

I woke up at 2:32am, i must of cried myself to sleep. I got changed and turned out my lights putting my phone on charge. Climbed into my and fell asleep. Tomorrow would be a good day. It will be fine. I told myself.


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