Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


2. Hair.Shoes.Makeup.Clothes


Monday 4:43pm

OMG STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT! yguydgysdgfuo Havent a clue what to wear though! because we are off school on Wednesday afternoon wanna go shopping? Amy xx

Of course! How are you going to have your hair!? Come round at 6? Lily (Future Mrs Styles)



I Really dont know!? Okay, see you at 6 Mrs Styles!xx

Lily's POV

I looked at the posters on my wall. It was like they were actually looking at me, Harry's emerald green eyes stared right at me as i put my phone on charge and got changed out of my school clothes. i pinned my hair up into a messy bun and started to search through any fashion books i owned for any inspiration on what i should wear to meet the boys i wanted to fall in love with me. Obviously a very difficult decision.

Nothing stood out at me apart from coats, ever since i'd seen harry in an interview say he liked a girl with a coat on that's all i could think about. But it was almost summer! I couldn't wear a coat!

The doorbell rang and i looked at my watch..

"crap! It's 6!" i was still in my joggers but i went down to answer the door to Amy


"Sorry! i got so caught up in watching makeup tutorials i forgot to get changed!"

Amy barged in with a bag of atleast 40 copies of Teen Vogue and 7 books on hair and makeup

"haha. It's okay! got yourself into a bit of a pickle!" she said quoting the video diaries..

"You're prepared arent you!?" i said pointing to her bag of books

"Well. i brought the summer magazines and a few winter... wait who am i kidding i picked them all up! i just really need some inspiration!"

"same!" I exclaimed "i had a look through some of my books and i cannot find anything. I think i know how to have my hair though. I found a youtube video on hair i like"


Amy's POV

My gosh had Lily been searching, i walked into her once organised bedroom to find magazines on the floor, her laptop on youtube videos with tabs for every clothing website you could possibly think of and her uniform just lead across the floor.

"So do you have any ideas on clothes?" i said picking up her shirt from the floor

"none at all. i did think about wearing a coat at one point but i think it will be too warm..." Lily replied

"A COAT!? Yes i think that idea can go."


"I beeter go soon so i can get some sleep for schoool tomorrow!" Amy said but before she had a chance to complain she was tired..

"IVE GOT IT!" Lily screamed! "I know what to wear!"

"What!? WHAT?" Amy replied rushing over to Lily's laptop

On the screen was a pair of black skinny jeans, a peter pan collared top in white and some black pumps.

A Classic Eleanor Calder look.

"Thats perfect!" Amy said showing her a hairstyle in her book "It will go great with this hair and some natural looking makeup!"

"YAYYYY! I'm Sorted" Lily Smiled "Did you find anything yourself?"

"Well what do you think of this?" Amy pointed to show Lily black Leggings and a long off the shoulder top.

"Thats beautiful!" Lily said excitedly now that their outfits were coming together.

"Niall is going to fall for you in no time!"



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