Little Things

When Lily gets the chance to meet One Direction at a radio 1 interview she only has 1 friend on her mind to take- Amy.
read on as the girls bond with the band but Amy and Niall become a hit.
how will Lily feel about Niall taking Amy away from her? especially as she has a crush on Harry and all Amy will talk about is her chats with Niall!


8. Amy's First Date

Lily's POV

This day came a lot sooner than i'd ever expected...

August 4th- Amy's first meeting with Niall since Radio 1. I hadn't seen Harry or any of the boys since, and i wasn't going with Amy tonight so i wouldn't see Niall either.. Niall had planned something for Amy and DM'ed her a week ago saying 'Night sorted- see you on the 4th. wear something pretty:) Be ready for 8pm' they hadn't spoken since. he was so romantic. I still hadnt recieved anything from Harry but as i lay on my bed depressed about Amy's great outing tonight i loaded up a DM, i wasn't expecting a reply, but it was worth a shot? 'Hey harry:) Just wondered if you would see this with all those followers, All Amy talks about now is Niall so i needed someone different to talk to, speak soon?:) Lily' x I rolled over onto my bed and read the 6 new messages from Amy..







i felt like crying. Everything was perfect for Amy at the moment, she was about to go and meet Niall again, and go somewhere probably stupidly romantic and all she had to worry about was what to wear.. i looked at my clock '7:32pm' Ha less than half an hour now for Amy. I gave her a text 'Sorry i didn't get round to replying, Good luck! Have a great time and let me know how it goes!'

She replied scarily fast.. 'I'M SO NERVOUS' i didnt bother to respond. I didn't feel guilty either, she was living the dream right now and i was about to get an early night..


Amy's POV

I text Lily loads. Everything seemed to be going wrong today! i jumped out the shower and dried my hair.. it looked a lot better now i had washed it. i dried it and then curled the ends put some hairspray in it and went over to the mirror to do my makup.

'Where do i even start?' I said aloud to myself

I curled my eyelashes and swept a layer of mascara onto them, i put on foundation, blush and bronzer with a nude lipstick. I walked over to my wardrobe and took out the dress i had ordered online from Topshop, it was white and long. It sparkled in the light. i didn't know whether i had gone too fancy but i didnt want to underdress.

i looked at my phone '7;54pm'

'Crap!, Six minutes' i rushed around grabbing my phone, cardigan, and money. i also ran and brushed my teeth again. 'Good thought! MINTS' i went over to my bedside draw and took a packet of breathmints for my bag.

I looked in the mirror for a final time.

'Good luck Amy' I said

The doorbell rang in time with a message on my phone from Niall.

-The car that's just pulled up at your house is for you;) Get in it and i'll see you in 10 minutes! N xx -

I rushed downstairs and opened the door to a familiar face.. "PAUL!" i gasped!

"hello, have you got everything?"

I looked down at my arms, Bag, cardigan and phone..

"Sure have!" i replied

We walked over to the car and Paul let me in, inside was a box with Amy written on it..

"Thats for you" Paul said as he saw me look at it

"Oh thankyou!"

I opened the card on top it read

'Dear Amy, Thankyou for meeting me tonight and putting up with all this secret metting and changes, it really means a lot so i got you a gift to thankyou, Niall xxx'

aw. he was so cute. We hadnt even been on a date yet and he'd bought me this!?

I opened it to find a box carrying the most beautiful, silver sparkly necklace with an Bow pendant. It was perfect. i put it around my neck and it went perfect with my white dress.

After 5 more minutes in the car paul pulled up to what look like the middle of nowhere..

"We are here!" Paul said

"What, What where do i go!?"

"I think theres something to lead you, look around"

i looked around and saw hundreds of lit candle tea lights, leading into a forest

"Oh Wow!" i gasped

"Have a great night Amy!" Paul shouted as i walked into the forest

there was a never ending trail of tea lights and fairy lights up in the trees. this must of took Niall ages i thought! I continued to walk until i spotted the most beautiful thing i'd seen in my life.

Niall had placed down rugs and blankets across the foresty floor i picked up my dress and walked closer to find fairy lights up in every surrounding tree and hundreds more candles everywhere opposite was a lake, the trees were cut back and the moon was just above the lake, it was beautiful. I walked closer and Niall appeared..

"You look beautiful!" He said looking shocked

"So do you.." i said looking at him, he was wearing smart trousers and a shirt.. he took my hand and led me right down to the lake where he had set up a small picnic of all my favourites

Oreos, Chicken wings, Salads and dips, cheesy wotsits, jaffa cakes and a flask of hot chocolate.

We sat down and he wrapped a blanket around me..

"I wanted to make it special" Niall said, "I really like you Amy, i haven't stopped thinking about you all week."

"I feel the same" I said looking at his perfect face.

We ate and after and he got out his guitar and sang to me I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, he was so good at playing the guitar and singing. This night was just amazing. we lead on the blankets gazing at the stars

"You know it's times like this i wish i wasn't famous.. i could do this all the time.." Niall said

"I love you whatever Niall" I replied

"I Love you too Amy." He said leaning in towards me

Then, He kissed me. His lips pressed up against mine and we kissed.

"I really love you Amy."



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