The Crystal Ages


1. The white winter

January 10, Monday

Some people don't have magical powers like I do, but some have too...I live in a snowy mountain with no history and not even a traveller was found. I was so bored out of my skull. "Enjoy your life on the castle, Scarlet." Mom said. "It's better to stay inside and not going outside with dangerous ice and the cold weather will give you a long cold." I groaned. Okay, it was true that I got a long cold, but still, that was last year. Before Christmas Eve, it snows so strong that little kids were enjoying making snow mans and snow angels. What was I doing every Christmas? Sitting on my chair, of course!! And I do wish my life will turn to be like Rapunzel's. When it was lunch time, I slipped out of my bedroom, took out my blue coat and searched for the key. I looked on mom's room. I searched inside her closet but there were only robes, coats and gowns. That's when I remembered that the key was left on the antique drawer on the desk near the door. I smiled and got the key. I opened the door and my eyes was surprised to see white stuff. It was snow!! I danced merrily outside and I was happy to go out again. I tripped on my foot and I collapsed on the ground. An hour later, I got back and flopped across my bed. I should say it was the best time ever! And mom wondered why I was so happy. "Well, my dear, I should say that I am glad that you are happy. Now, eat fast or your little sisters will eat the turkey!!" Mom said. I went to the kitchen. The chef was still making the lemonade. Even if I had an hour to celebrate te outside, I still have tomorrow!! Right? I mean, how bad can it be? No-one will know after all!    

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