The Crystal Ages


2. Sparkling Doves

January 11, Tuesday

Mom gave me time to ride on my snow horse and have fun on the Sparkling Lake. I didn't tell her about going out, anyway. I flew down to the Sparkling Lake. White doves (also known as Sparkling Doves) were flying around. Their wings were shining so bright that even a hunter can't shoot an arrow to it. I sat near a patch of crops and roses and wrote on my diary. It was a pretty one in blue. I turned each page and I was making sure I won't spell any word wrong. Of course, me, the princess of the snow mountain never make anything wrong. But this was torture!! Tomorrow we'll be watching a ballet show called "The Dance of the White Doves" I was just about to leave the lake when some glitters were pouring on the ground. So that meant I just got the protector of the lake, "The Lady Of The Lake". A body in glitters, blue, ice flakes and a blue and blonde hair stood in front of me. "You, Scarlet made a great mistake of the lake. The doves are afraid because of you. The Sparkling White Doves don't like people sinning and lying to somebody. Yesterday you left the castle without permission. And only good persons can visit this lake now and then." She said in a microphony sound thingy. I stood there shaking and I got more and more nervous. "Um...I was just leaving. So it's over.....goodbye!" I said, stupidly. She disappeared and I left the nice lake. Okay, so now it's my fault?! I never went out for three years!! 

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