The Crystal Ages


3. Art attack

January 12, Wednesday

NOOOOOO!!! Mom was out talking to....SOMEONE. I hoped it wasn't that crazy Lady of the Lake. I flopped across my bed (AGAIN!!) just to make sure I can't hear what's going on. I stared at my teddy bear, Ted. I thought that his little button eyes were blinking. That's when I TOTALLY FREAKED......."AHHHHHH!!" Ted totally blinked!! I heared muffled voices. I opened the door quitely and went to the door. I found the key again but it wasn't on the antique drawer anymore. It was on top of the cabinet! I jumped again and again but I can't reach it. I wanted my freedom to be free as an Ice princess, too! My two little sisters, Stacie and Frankie were playing on the stairs. A light bulb clicked on my brain. Why not ask your little sisters to jump on the  drawer and get the key for you? And when the gaurd comes, he won't see me jumping but standing there properly! "Hey, Stacie and Frankie! Want to try something fun? Jump on this blue antique drawer and please get the key! Your prize is to go outside." I said, pointing on the antique drawer desk. "Souns like fun!" They squealed happily. They jumped on the desk and got the key. I opened the rusty door carefully and it was snowing like confetti. "It's like glitter!" Stacie cried. "Only soft and melts too!" Frankie said, sticking her tongue and melting the snow in her mouth. I felt a touch on my shoulder. It was mom! And boy, was she ticked! "The lady of the lake told me about you! And what do we have here! Your little sisters!! Come on, young girl, no more lies or you'll have the worst nightmare!!" Mom shouted. I raced to my bedroom. I was so mad that I wanted to DIE!! 

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