The Stupid Situation

This is a true story that happened to me. Its all about a little incident (A LIE) that happened between my old Bff :( Enjoy!
But luckily i had/have and always will have a Bff named Angie!! Luv ya BFF


1. New Girl!

It all started in 5th grade.

There was a new girl named Leah, it was 3rd period when she entered the door, all the girls including my bf left me and went to her but luckily i had my other best friend Mariah, we were doing art until my friend Michael called me and told me to tell Leah "shes cute and he likes her" and me the dumb one told her, Leah went with it and told me to tell him "hes cute too and she likes him" and it went on and on with the messaging then for some stupid reason Leah said she got annoyed and went and told the teacher on ME, i got a note in my behavior book and a after school detention. i started crying and she started telling my bf Mariah "she didnt mean it and she doesnt want me to cry" to act inosant but she was saying that in front of Michael so he doesnt think of her in a bad way. Anyway that day finished!

The next day she tried making friends with me but i denied so she told the teacher again and i got called on lunch so the teacher can talk to me (half of my lunch went ) i couldn't hang out with my bf or do anything.

The next day started and me and Leah became real good friends, we played tips i bought her an ice-block etc, on that day i actually went to her house and met her parents and she told told me things about herself. Then we became Best Friends and i somehow forgot about Mariah, don't know how but she got angry badly so she kept talking about us and etc, me and Leah always went over each others house i always made BBQ's and invite her she always took me from bible studies, church etc. I felt a lot of affection from her and she was a real good help.

Me and Leah's Bf Relationship went a bit well until (you know girls when they buy or make something after two three days they don't touch it) thats what happened to us, me and Leah went through a lot of fights about really nothing, and she puts all the problems that happens to us on me so she accuses me :(

Until it came to a humungous fight which i really dont know what about, anyway Sister Janette send out notes from Bible Studies for us to go to Bible Studies Camp, i want allowed and Leah was so she started showing for some dumb reason and trying to make me jealous, so i got annoyed like her but I the stupid one didn't tell the teacher i actually went on msn and told her i dont want to be her friend anymore and she shouldn't talk to me ok (REMEMBER THOSE TWO things k).

So the fight became bigger and bigger and i really didnt have any friends not even one Angie stayed and became so much besties with Leah and Mariah didnt talk to any of us, so i started getting angry i didnt have anyone i always used to go to my mum and say today i had no to play with i walked alone on lunch etc, TRUST ME if u were me u would feel stressed and stuff.

So it became bigger and bigger and bigger and we eventually didnt talk to each other until she told Mrs Listen the principal about it and when we got called to Mrs Listens office Lea decided to lie and say i said "she shouldn't be my friend and im not her friend" ok i said that but then she said i said she is a F***** B**** and i didnt say she just made it up from her head dont know why or anything, it became big and she promised that i said that and i said "If im the one who typed im the one who should remember it" and etc.

She didnt talk to me for a period of time and i didnt tell u this that when me and Leah were friends Mariah used to be our worst enemy, so Leah decided to become BEST FRIENDS WITH MY ENEMY WHICH WAS HER ENEMY, this went on and on and now she is real good friends with Mariah, she started telling Angies sisters secrets and thing this is one of them "If Angie stops talking to Me he will be friends with her (WHAT THE HELL) and then Angie said she is taking it a bit too far so Angie Became Besties with Me!! Leah and Mariah really love icilating me but now since we all got talked to it stopped Thank God

Now i finally got my Best Freind Back YAYAY :)

And Leah and Mariah wish they could have fun TOGETHER!!

Thanks for Reading More To Come!!

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