Forever & A Day

Willow and Charlie have been best friends for at least 11 years now and every day they are obsessing about One Direction, you know the biggest boy band in the world! Willow was lucky enough to get 2 tickets for her birthday, but not just any tickets, no, front row seats and backstage passes! What will happen when Charlie meets the love of her life?


2. The Present


  I walked into the school gates and ran to my best friend Willow and shouted 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!' Everyone turned their heads to stare, but I didn't care. 'Thank you Charlie, but you didn't have to share it with everyone.' she thanked me. The bell went so we walked to our lockers and grabbed out our math books, on our way to class everyone said happy birthday to Willow. We arrived in class and took our spot at the back. The lesson was the same boring thing, just a new subject. Everyone was on their phones under their desks, looking up at the teacher then down again. That was me too, I got a text message from Willow it read,  *I have something to tell you* -Why can't you text me it now- *Because its a secret & you will scream* -Okay, outside- We were interrupted by the bell going for break time, yay! We ran outside and I was like :-  'tell me, tell me, tell me.' 'Okay, but you promise me you won't scream?' 'I pinky promise' 'Okay, well you know how it's my birthday, yeah? Well as a present I got tickets..' 'Tickets to what?' 'Front row seats and backstage passes' 'For WHAT?!' 'For ONE DIRECTION' 'erhmegerd, OH MY GOD, OH MY FLACKING GOD!'  'Shhhh, shut up Charlie, people are starting to stare' 'Oh, right, sorry'   Break time was over, in art I couldn't concentrate and it was my favorite subject. All I could thank about was what I was going to wear. If I wore leggings if I would get too hot and if they would look at me, so much going through my mind. 'Arghhh, what am I going to wear?' 'When is the concert?' so much going through my mind. All of a sudden everyone is staring at me ' What?' i asked innocently. 'You farted' said Willow with a bit of a giggle in her voice, I felt my face go bright red. The whole art session I was stressing out about what to wear and I was still embarrassed about the whole 'farting' incident.      
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