Forever & A Day

Willow and Charlie have been best friends for at least 11 years now and every day they are obsessing about One Direction, you know the biggest boy band in the world! Willow was lucky enough to get 2 tickets for her birthday, but not just any tickets, no, front row seats and backstage passes! What will happen when Charlie meets the love of her life?


1. Good Morning Sunshine

I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my eardrum, i wearily opened my eyes 'Arghhh, another day at school' I thought to myself. I groaned as I slowly walked down the stairs to the bathroom, i undressed and got into the warm shower. I hopped out refreshed, I grabbed my clothes from the bath and slid on my grey ripped jeans, my super-girl top and tied up my globe high-tops.I combed my hair to the side and then braided my hair into a fish tail-braid. I walked/skipped in the kitchen where my mum was making lunch for my younger brother and sister, Stephanie and Joshua. Like normal they were fighting over who got to sit where, me being me went and sat in the spot that they were fighting over. 'Thank you Charlie' said my mum 'They were going to drive me crazy.' I had my cereal, coco pops with orange juice, yummy! I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. 

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