what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


2. wtf am i doing here..

Zayns pov

" HAHA HARRYYYYYYYY , STOPPPPPPP , HAHAHA " screamed Niall from the other end as the others join in.  how the hell can they be so freakin happy. fine it isnt that hard  the question is why am i not happy. well this is because of a mistake i mad when i was 12. ys 12 i didnt get get that right. when i was 12 i saw this girl , about my age , she was so pretty , beautiful hazel brown eyes  brown , black hair hanging over her skinny shoulders. she had the most gorgeous cherry lips . she was amazing but her sparkle in her eye was only there when when she was with her friends but when she was left alone it turned dark and the worst part is that i knew why. i had seen her get kicked bashed , i wanted to protect her but  no one let me they held me back and threatened me, i thought the message was through but then on the last week of school i realized it got worse. i made action but only to be stopped by these girls. ughhh worst years of my life. that was the last moment i was in the same room as her. on the first day of highschool  i went to the bus stop with her beautiful face in mind when i bumped into a girl no not any girl but a girl i had been thinking about moments before. i said sorry and she spoke with her sweet words saying it was ok. i was about to tell her the truth when my bus beeped pushing me out of my thoughts. i grinned and walked away. it was the same the next day and the next and the next and the next. each day i was ashamed of my self how could i let this happen. i  grew apart from my self and her. i got saddened and moved schools knowing she would ever like me. now here i am today unable to look in to a girls eyes , date. i was secluded from the out side word. at that moment liam came over.

Liams pov.

oh great he is thinking about the girl. oh shit he is crying. ive had enough im gonna tell him the truth , im gonna shout it out. i cant see my best friend live like this any more. i told the boys the plan and they agreed , louis went to call simon and me to zayn.


Zayns pov.

" WAT THE FUCK ARE U DOING HERE GO GET HER GO FIND HER, SHE NEEDS TO KNOW . GET YOUR PREETY ARSE UP AND FIND HER GO, GO , GO" liam practically shouted. wow he is right wtf am i doing here when i can search the globe. stupid zayn.....


 hope u guys like it !!!

plz comment and favourite !!

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