what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


7. tell me the truth plz !

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any way back to the storyyyyyyyy :)

sias pov

i was beyond bored in the hospital. zayn had never left my side but even though i enjoy his company i was bored , i wanted to get out of the un comfortable bed and run .

" zayn , can you plz close the windows " i said

"why?" zayn asked.

" beacause i cant bear to see a perfect day go to waste by me staring at it".

" right we-" he said then getting interrupted by the doctor.

" see we are a bit bored, well you can wear your clothes and head out. ur free to go" said the docter chukling at my grin.

" yyayayay" i shouted in glee and raced for my clothes and went into the bathroom.

"thx i fell sooo special" said zayn scarcastically.

" you know your the best " i winked

" its what comes naturally" said zayn looking st his nails. i just scoffed.

" well its settled then , your gonna come and live with us, we are going to get your suff and heading there" said zayn matterfactly.

" when did we decide that , i can reject ya know and we dont have to go over to mine , this all i have" cheekly. omg why did i say that , stupid , what is he gonna think of me. i mean look at him , it looks like his jaw is about to hit the floor.



what......................... did she say this all i have. shes carring 2 pairs of clothes. surley not.

im gonna talk to her.omg i cant believe that. i though girls had more clothes than guys. im so confused.


as we got into the can zayn seemed quietly , i knew it was me . i cant believe i stuffed this up. I WAS HIS BEST FRIEND!.

" hey sia , dont cry. explain every thing" cooed zayn.

we got out of the car to look over the horizon. i cried and cried as i fel mascular arms on me. i felt electric schoks through my body. i felt safe, yes safe for the first time in my life i felt safe. i kew i had to tell him.

" plz dont laugh " i said and cut him off before he said any thing.


FLASH BACK.... it goes through several times. every ---------- means different times.

" hi mum"

" shut up and go up to bed. you discrace me" a day before she had seen me cutting.

" I HATE YOU " i scremend at the torment.

 i got my slender knife and went out side and slept in my pool of blood i cut.


" i hate you , i thought you were my pearents , why are you doing this. ill stop. i promise" i screamed at th car driving away.

they hated me. i sat there and strted to tie a knot.i hoked it up to a tree and tried to take my life. as if that worked. a person came and shook me out of it. i ran un able to find a knife. i gathered up more rope. made a new rope but never got the knot right. i tried to find a knife but just couldnt.


i sat on the same hill depressed. i could hear foot steps. i gathered up my things and ran just seeing a glimpse of the police dressed in blue. i had  a job but could never afford any thing but the necessities.


zayns pov

i was crying histerically. i wonder who made her cut. i want to kill her pearents. ugh. i had her in my arms and its gonna stay that way. she isnt suffering any more. what makes her happy makes me happy. i prome to keep her happy till the day i die.









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