what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


11. NO, no ,no no .NO ZAYN no!


PLZ GUYS COMMMMMEEENT!! i promise that from this chapter on it will be exciting !


as i opened the door i saw her, my jaw nearly hit the floor , no actually it hit the floor. Niall came over fut my mouth back into its placed and looked forwards. there was my girlfriend , wet hair in a messy bun,cherry lips moving as she is signing and wearing a black shirt with our song written on it , i remember harry getting that for me. i could just stare at the perfection all day but i knew i had to tell her the exciting news. As the boys joined us  the door creaked  and her eyes opened then blushed.

'holy , fuck shit' she swore and Niall chuckled

'u people are not meant to hear that,omg im gonna die i a minute ,aghh onedirection herad me screech" she said in a hushed face.

" well boy , u wanna tell her or make her wait it out" i said wanting to tell her just as louis walked in

" omg omg omg , u are amazing. no better than amazing. you got a deal, a record deal.arent u excited" louis said frantically. that boy cant shut his mouth .

every on except for sia of course gave him the glare

" oh u didnt tell her " he said

"no louis, she was just casually sitting there with a blank look knowing," harry relied sarcastically

As the boys kept on fighting, my eyes drifted off to the beauty sitting on my bed. As i looked in her eyes she was covering them, tears leaking out of her hazel eyes.i steped over the boys hurriedly and held her but was pushed away by her shoulders leaving my chest.she was running and i ran after her, signaling to the boys to not follow.

as i reached the bath room she sobbed.

" babe i thought u would be happy" i siad

" no , nO , zayn, no" i cant do it

" you dont know half the shit ive been through and u are asking me to sing to a million people wating for more shit that comes my way" she said rasing her voice.

i under stood now, stage fright.

" can i tell u some thing, i thought the same exact thing but when i met the boys everything changed and even though i wont be singing with you i will still be there every time .  back stage, audience any thing.babe plz do this for me. you are gifted. i need u to come with me"i pleaded

" i fucking love u zayn jawwad malik" she whispered into my chest as i hugged her skinny waist .

" i love you too sia jane stoner"i said replying with a kiss

we just stood there for about 10 mins until niall came searching for me to give him food

" fooooood" sia screamed when she heard niall 

" race ya " she screamed as she ran towards niall

" im gonna get u and tickle you" i screamed after her

" i'll be your protector  " yelled louis.

 i caught up tickling her to the ground as she laughed .i just hope life stays this way. i hope i dont fuck things up



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