what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


12. niall


nialls pov

idk if I should be thinking this but I cant steer away from her I know why zany loves her.i cant get her out of my mind, her black brown hair, hazel eyes,talent.omg I think im falling for my best friends girl.

i was os jealous watching zayn tickle her, kissing her,making her laugh which did i mention was totally adorable. i really liked Sammy but i guess i like sia more.SHIT i shouldnt be falling for her after all the shit she has gone through.fuck up niall i screamed at my brain. woops i said that out loud.liam gave me the look sayning he is gonna have a word with me later.]

sias pov

finalluy when zayn stopped ticling me me i sad on the groundg next to my carrot prince louis.

" can you plz get me and my carrot princess a carrot " he called to liam who gave me a look saying CARROT PRINCESS??i chuckled

louis blabbled on about carrots but i couldnt concentrate because i felt some one staring at me burining me neck, it stopped though when Zayn picked me up and put me on his lap. Liam threw me a carrot as i laid on Zayns chest nibbling on the orange vegetable. Niall left as i fell asleep on Zayn.Niall sounded angry idk why though. the last thing i remmder was zayn kissing me good night.

i woke up later that day where i looked around not finding the boys. i was scared but i was pulled back in to reality when my phone went off on the tone of one thing. i picked it up.

Hello my carrot princess,how are you this fine afternoon"louis said and i could hear Zayns voice on the background "she is mine louis"

"but she is my carrot princess"louis shouted back

"liam took the phone " sorry love,we are getting foodat nandos.Could you tell Niall when he comes home to call us"

"sure thing, see you 4 loon bags soon"i said

"you do know there is 5 right" said harry

"no liam is snsible and normal where the rest of you couldnt be expressed in words"i replied

"ha ha ha bye love" harry said scarcastically

I hung up placing my phone down as someone opened the door.In stepped in a shaggy , drunk Niall.

he came up to me close and pulled me too the wall. i tried to get out but he pushed me fowards , tears streaming down my face.

"hello beautiful.Zayn doesnt deserve ya, i do but you never see it" he said slurring on his speech

he leaned closer to me roughly smashing his lips on mine. i didnt kiss back, i hated it the thought of that.

"GET OFF ME NIALL" i screamed as loud as i could


he burst out the door leaving me crying.

i cried and cried on the bathroom floor and got a knife out .I knew that Niall was right, whats the point of falling for Zayn,im poor.i sat there with the knife on my hand , across my skin as it dug deeper the pain got worse , it stung like nothing ive ever endured but Nialls voice rang back and forth across me. Soon all i could see was Blood pouring out then the knife kicked out of me as my world turned pitch black-


lol i left you on a cliff hanger.

ill update if you guys comment.plzzzzzzz

i promise that if you guys comment now and then i will keep going with this but if if you guys dont it sends me an answer saying that u dont want me to continue.plz coments comments comments pl coz im really thinking of deleating this movellas and no body is giving me an answer. plz guys tell me should i or shouldnt i delete my movellas.

luv ya always sia



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