what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


5. how , where you

plz guys favourite and comment. this chapter is where all is revealed! 

Sia ^-^

sia pov

he was comming closer, closer , an inch away from me, im stuck in the corner  no way out . " stop , stop  STOP , STOP!!. that noise of foot steps growing closer but i couldnt see any thing and though of it as my heart . i hated this feeling , it brang back my childhood. i sobbed even more then as i was giving up  i was statled with huffing and puffing , i couldnt tell if it was me or johanna or sammy so i was confused but every thing turned  good for once when i heard a swwet voice , " you heard her , go away". Ej scoffed carried on when his skin tuched mine he jearked back clutching his right cheek. he looked furious and ready to lunge at any moment. i saw a glint of sparkel on the ground and reached for the slender blade but he had seen it too , ej grabbed it fighing my rescuer . he lunged fowards on me . i stood but was too late when a sharp , stinging pain stung my right shoulder. i winced in pain as my rescuer punched him again and again but it was all faiding , i could no longer hear ejs grunts and sobs thats  when evey thing went black  and unusally quite.

Zayns pov

it was her , i could recognise that sweet voice any where. now she was in trouble. she needed me, i couldnt fail her any more. i raced along the narrow path ways as i could hear foot steps behind me  i was guesing it was the boys but i couldnt look back , my girl needed me. i heard a cry for help agin as i approched. i could see 3 men crowing over some one . the boys ran over to the other two but the girl on the middle caught me , it was her . i sobbed and punched the man away as he scoffed. For the first time i saw her face , red and puffy but gorgeous  , as i was staring i was nailed to the ground. i say both pair of eyes going to a saparkling object . they went to grab it but she scored too late . i got up and as i punched him he threw it at her , it wnwnt strait through her shoulder. i shouted and started punching , kicking , strangling the man but when i looked over i saw her fall down . caught her just in time but as i called her name she didnt budge. i cried on her shoulder when i heard a soft voice wishper.

sias pov.

it was comming back along with the pain . but i needed to tell him. i knew it was him. he is the only one that sent electric shocks in my body when we tuched. i got all my engey and managed a soft wisper ' zayn?'

zayns pov

yea she knew me , how , where. i didnt care all i cared was that she knew me. the fact that i was in the biggest boyband  flew away because i just had the feeling it was more.

im sorry , i said still crying

then she blanked , i kept looking even though i knew   she couldnt do the same.



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