what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


4. help some one please help!

sias pov

i love the concert and when it finally finished the boys said their goodbyes and left. i pushed the thought of that boy being zayn and continued to head outside. we had to walk a long was back to the car so i should get ready for a good big walk. sammy came outside of the toilet with a satisfied grin on her face.

thx guys , you don't know what this means to me , i said as i hugged them .

" its ok babe, you are out best fried after all" sammy replied.

we went down the narrow alley way huddled together to keep ourselves warm that when life took its toll.

" hi girls,you girls cold, we have some space " said a tall . he look like as if he  had been in a fight because there was this scar across his right cheek dripping with blood. hi eyes were black and his eyebrows furrowed.he was followed by two other men around the same age . one holding a knife was dripping with blood and the other had blood all over his knuckles. the cornered us. sammy yelped.

then the man talked again " hey babes what your name"

me being me snapped " not of your business perv"

" ohhh i like this one, feisty . i'm taking her boys , you choose over the whining one or the quiet one" said the man as the others separated to johanna and sammy.

" so my name is ej , what's yours "

" again , not of your business"

" come on babe , be nice , you don't want to see me when im angry"

" give me a kiss , come on babe"

i was shocked , i kept  moving back hearing the distant yelps and pleas of johanna and sammy.tears pouring from my eyes, i heard footsteps.


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