what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


9. happy endings or a bad begining??


I told her , i told her. She wasnt mad, OMG, she was mine. I need to protect her , this is the happiesnt day of my life.

" i love you" i whishpered as she slep on my arms.i tucked a stray piece of hair fom her face , kissing her forehead and slept on her.


I felt something stir in my arm as i opened my eyes. i was greeted by beatiful chesnut eyes staring back at me and cherry red lips pearked up showing perfect lips. i finally realized that we were still at the cliff face.

i kissed her , slow but paissonatley , i loved it , it gave me goosebumps nd butterflies but in a good comforting way.

" should we head umm" she whispered unknowingly

"home, home forever" i answered happily 

" thx it means alot" she whipered.

We  got into the car hands clasped together.


shyly sia entered and as soon as she looked up her jaw dropped. i chuckled

" hellllllo, hi, was up, sia right?" said all the boys. She just said high and nodded to harrys comment.

" could i possibly have a shower" she whispered in my ear.

" sure, you can choose one of my shirts to sleep in tonight" i agreed. she nodded and tried to lok for my room

" second on the right down the hall" i shouted after her. she just chuckeled

Sias pov

He was mine. i love him ugh i cant beleve it . i hope it is like the love stories you read in the fanfics. i looked in his room. wow its so big but soo messy. im messy so i woder what im gonna do . i picked up a shirt from his closet. it was huge, black and it said ' you light up my world like no body else. i smiled and steped in the enormous shower. the water was so warm , not like any thing you get from work.i could stay here forever but i knew i had a boyfrienf to go to. saying boyfriend sent shivers down my spines. i wore the over sized shirt, put my hair into a messy bun was about to step out side when i saw a guitar . i picked it up and stared playing ( before i was homeless i taught my self)..i started plucking the strings to the melody of gonna be alright by justin beiber in no time i was sigining along forgeting about everything,

Liams pov

we all were chilling around even zayn which was suprising then we heard a strumming on a guitar and a voice a voice that sounded like an angel. it was beautiful. we all knew who it was and started recording it . we hid among zayns door. we all smiled against eachother. we all knew what we should do. louis called simon and sent him the recording. simon was kidding we all were. he wanted to meet her. omg wow, she was gonna be a we kept on hearing the angel sing zayn interupted.

" guys i dont know if she will agree after what she has gone through we are all gonna ask"

k here we go...



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