what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.


3. concert ^-^

sup guys

plz commentsssssssss!! i want this movellas to be heard plzzzzzz !!!!!! this chapter is all in the present


Sias pov

As i snuck up the green , tall hill over where i was staying now i heard my phone ring. i decided to ignore it but it rung again and again . stupid phone. i already knew who this was . " sup johanna" , i spoke on the speaker of my old nokia.


" chill "

" party pooper, any way me and sammy got tickets.omg"

" tickets ? for what , you know im broke"

" we have been reminded.. thats why we r going on your birthday "

" yay, thx , where r we going"

" thats for me to know and you to find out"

" u know i hate suprizes and screaming"

" shut up and be excited"

" ok then YAY..."

" cya soon got to go, bye babe"

" bye"

i really didnt want that call to end , thats the only drama thats happened all week !  i sat down tired on the top of the hill and soon fell into a deep sleep when i heard  50 dings.  annoyed as i was i shouted " who in fereken life is texting now". cranky ,i looked , i had gotten 23 text messages from sammy  warning me that it was tommorrow night and i needed to wear formal.oh great i have to wear a dress, what difference is it gonna make, im ugly any way.

^night of the concet^.

i made my way over to my old house not wanting sammy and jj to know. i sat on the steps and waited  as i did all i could think about was him and his perfection.i was startled when i heard giggling and honking, i looked up seeing the red convertible with my two friend laughing their heads of. i jumped in and they started squealing.i don't know why but them squealing meant something disastrous.

" what r ya thinking about"

"nothing" i replied a bit too quickly

They looked back at each other and smile and broke out on a chant saying " sia has a crush, sia has a crush"

i just laughed and decided to change the topic." sooooo where r we going"

"ulll seee and u will love it" replied sammy with her eyes on the road. i just laughed 

" we stated to slow down and soon we were in front of this ginormous theater." wow"i said in awe

both laughed and soon i was blinded with a blue cloth.

they lead me through narrow paths and finally stopped murmed something and made me sit down.

" can i take it offff" i whined

" you know i wont let you " replied johanna.

ughhh friends and suprises

Nialls pov

" yay food " i shouted and soon joined by zayn. he lookes happier today. thats good. it was awkward me chomping down the food silent as he nibbled on it so i decided to break it ." so what r we doing today"

"we are-"

gonna do a private concert for only 100 people" liam cut off zayn.

" i have a mouth ya know" zayn protested

Liam chuckled and said " thats what daddy direction does" at this we started laughing.

good times are back baby!


Sias pov

im getting so impatient and i hear alot more squealing and i dont think either johanna and sammy can squeal that loud. then suddenly i heard people shouting one direction. Yes i know one direction im home less but dont live under a rock , i dont know their names though . oh well.

" you can open it" whispered sammy. as i slipped the knot i was blinded by light and finally say five boys taking the stage . One had curly hair with really cute dimples , one was blonde with crystal blue eyes , one was wearing a stripped tee and had perfect hair , one had short hair but equally as cute and one looked familiar  he had brown eyes , brown black hair but it was in a wiff with a blone stip. he looked a bit like zayn. no way

it cant be

can it ?



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