what if i told you that zayn malik is in love with a homeless girl. a girl which has a pair of shoes 2 t shirts , 1 jeans and a itchy red dress . read and find ou
blurb sucks but read its interesting.i hope.




The doctor came running at me as more tears fell to the ground.

"Mr malik" she said as i nodded

" un fortunatley your girl friend is in a deep coma and we dont know when she will get up. Im really sorry" she said as daggers went through my heart

"Oh and we know that she can hear us"she said leaving me with a room number scribbled on a card.


I wanted to see her NOW. i ran through the never ending pathways with the doctors voice ringing back and forth across me.

" 775"



there at the corner was 777 sribbled under the sign which said I CU (intensive care unit)

i berged in through the doors immediatly hearing the annoying beeping sound there on the blue bed, with pink lips , pale skin and brown eyes was my girlfriend.As soon as i saw sight of her i knelt down on the ground holding her hand beneth my chest.


Ok now where the hell am i and what happened. OH and what the fuck is my name.All this questions filled my brain untill i heard the best voice humming softly.i wanted to know who i wanted to know what but i couldnt talk , look. WHERE AM I ??????

"im sorry babe i wish i was there n stead of u " said a husky voice. His voice was amazing but all to fimiliar.hmmmmmmm?? he kept on singing and i enjoied every second untill i head four more voices with him but i knew he was the stand out.

" Mr Malik could you fil this out " said a shrill girl. i guessing its a teeager coz wtf is she sounding so freken mean.

" got to go babe" he said but before giving me a kiss. An amazing one . I couldnt see him but i knew i loved him.

"doctor , doctor , doctor" he screamed

" yess" said the doctor impatiently

" she kissed back , she knissed back"he said in i think pure glee.

"wow she is making progress" she said

" good work babe i now know u can hear me"he said as his excite ment died down . I felt something different in my body, something opennig.


im so happy she kissed back .

" shut up Li " i said turning to face the door but no one was there untill i saw the sparkle in her eyes

" OMG U ARE AWAKE HOW R YA FEELING" i basically screamed

"Wait , who r you , whats my name ad who is li" she said tearing my heart into pieces

"plz remember plz"i said pleeding

"no sorry now answer the questions" she replied sternly

" well i am Zayn Jawwad Malik and im your by friend , Your name is Sia jane stoner  and Li shor for Liam is my band mate" i said holding back tears.

"kiss me " she replied. i did as i was told and went fowards and immideatly as my lips touched hers i heard a gasp and as i kissed her passiontly i knew she knew.

"im sorry for what i did but Nialls right " she said immediatly with tears running down her plump cheeks

" babe let me tell you something. I love u coz you drive me carzy and u are the only one who i could love EVER. Plz dont think - stopped by the most passionte kiss ever.

" PS - i love u " she quoted from my favourite movie as i kissed her again .

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