it all started with him

shae has spent the last year with her boyfriend matt but when she sees him with a girl she walks away from their relasionship bumping into someone she reconises


7. texting

shaes pov

the next morning i wake up to find me and harry in bed. i look down at him and smile. i really do love him.maybe one day we will have kids or better yet get married. who knew a club would be the perfect place to find romance. i decide to send him a text even though he is right next to me.


me: morning babe xx :)

i see harry wake p to the sound of the text.

harry:you do realize you are right next to me :)

me: yeah and.......

harry: no need to get all dotty

me: i didnt realize there was a law against dots

harry: haha

me: gotta go take a shower love you xx

harry: love you too xx <3

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