it all started with him

shae has spent the last year with her boyfriend matt but when she sees him with a girl she walks away from their relasionship bumping into someone she reconises


4. sleepy head

harrys pov

i wake up to find shae sleeping next to me. i felt a smile grow across my face. i am so glad she is finallymine. i dont have to keep my feelings bottled up anymore.i really do love her. i cant even describe how i feel about her.

suddenly i saw shae wake up. "morning beautiful," i say. she smiles. then i lean in to kiss her and she turns it in to a more passionate kiss.we pull away after a while and go down to get breakfast. " do you want to make pancakes," i ask her. she nods her head. i got the flour out and grabbed a handful. "Come here," i said. she walked into the kitchen and i threw it at her. "oh you`ve done it now styles," she giggles. " oh what you gonna do about it kiss me or something," "maybe," she smirks. i pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. i lean in to kiss her and then louis walks straight through the door

"oh my god louis," i say. "what you walk in on me and eleanor all the time," he says with a bit of sass.shae turns her head to louis. " ah so your the famous shae harrys been telling us about," louis says."well bye louis i`ll see you tomorrow," i say trying to get him to leave."no dont mind me," he says

"too late for that," i mumble. "aaw baby," shae says she leans into kiss me. " well isnt that just adorable," louis says.

"why are you still here?" i ask.

"i came bye to ask if you two wanted to come to the movies with us. we are going to see Twilight."

"sure," i reply


authors note

sorry for the crappy chapters but im trying to think of some ideas


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