it all started with him

shae has spent the last year with her boyfriend matt but when she sees him with a girl she walks away from their relasionship bumping into someone she reconises


6. im ready

harrys pov

its been about 6 months since me and shae started dating. tonight we are at home watching a movie in bed.

i lean into kiss her.i turn it into a more passionate kiss and she pulls me on the bed so she iso top of me. she starts tugging at my shirt and i take it off. she starts to lift her top up. " babe im ready," she mumbles in our kiss.shae starts to pull down my underwear. since we were in bed i wasnt wearing any trousers. i unclip her bra and then we each took off all our clothes

she started moaning while i started kissing her belly. i got lower and lower and then moved my head to her face and started french kissing her. after about15 minutes we rolled away and went to sleep.

sorry for the short next chapter will be longer i promise!! xx

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