it all started with him

shae has spent the last year with her boyfriend matt but when she sees him with a girl she walks away from their relasionship bumping into someone she reconises


5. he`s here

Shaes pov

after the movies when me and harry got home i heard a knock at the door. i went to get it. when i saw who it was my body was filled with fear. " what do u want matt," i said with no sign of weakness in my voice but on the inside i was trembling.

" oh i just thought i would surprise you," he says. he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife..

"ahh.' i scream. i suddenly find myself sitting up in bed.

"whats wrong babe?" harry asks.

"nightmare," was the only word that i could spit out

harry kisses me on my forehead and wraps his strong arms around me. i kiss him on the lips passionatly

"im going to take a shower now," i say. i give him a peck on the lips and walk into the bathroom. the water on my back feels so- wait, why am i having a shower at 3 am. oh well who cares. no one will know.

my thoughts are interupted by harry knocking on the door.

" babe i need to pee," he says.

"come in," i say.

"are you sure. i mean you are naked,"

"oh my god harry it doesnt matter we are dating for gods sake you are gonna see me naked someday," i say.

he walks in and stops and stares.

" i believe you needed to pee," i say with sass


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