it all started with him

shae has spent the last year with her boyfriend matt but when she sees him with a girl she walks away from their relasionship bumping into someone she reconises


3. dinner

shaes pov

its 7:55 and i am waiting for harry to come so i decide to go on twitter. nothing interesting is really happening so i go upstairs and check my make up is still fine. suddenly i felt a vibrate in my pocket.great just great i have a text from matt. i read the text it says: shae i want you back call me. i send him another text saying that i am going on a date and then i delete him from my contacts.


2 minutes later harry knocked on my door. i ran down, opened the door and gave him a big hug."someones happy to see me," he said through a laugh. he pulled my face up and gave me a kiss.i got shivers down my spine. i let my tounge in his mouthand he didnt pull away but i did."im sorry, i just think its too early for this."oh my god i am such an idiot. me and HARRY STYLES were kissing and i pulled away." thats ok i didnt want to make it feel forced or anything" he said.


ten minutes later we arrived at the restraunt. it was beautiful. i felt a huge smile creep across my face."well if its that bad we can go to another place" he said sarcasticlly. we went inside and omg i cant even put it to words there were candles lit and it had velvet carpet. i felt like i was in a dream. the waitress directed us to our table it was on the balcony under the stars. is this a fairy tale. i turned to look at the waitress and she gave me a dirty look. what did i do? oh maybe it as something to do with the fact that i am on a date with harry styles."um shae can i ask you something,"harry said. " sure," i replied. " well this sounds strange but will you be my girlfriend." "of course hun," i replied.

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