who would ever thought

Brianna is lost through everything her friends say to her. she comes and become friends with one direction. she faces wild challenges along the way. Brianna falls in love with Niall. Niall is her key to life but doesn't notices till something happen that changes Brianna's life.


1. fight

Brianna view: I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock.I really hated school because every girl in my grade  is fangirls over one direction. So i don't hang around the girls that much but at least i look forward to my friends Megan and Laysia. They are really nice and quiet like me so that's why we get along so well, that's great because most of my friends are boys.Life has been a bitch if u know what i mean my crush moved and today i lose my two best friends.

Niall view :"wake up wake up!!!!!" the boys shout in my ear I pull the pillow over my head. Suddenly a bucket of ice cold water hits my skin. I jump out of the bed from the cold water. I found Louis video tapping the whole event."this is so going on twitter" Louis said smiling at his phone. i walked up to Louis i shocked my hair all over Louis. Louis suddenly became wet and mad. " we are going to New Jersey on Friday , maybe u will find a girl, i saw this really hot girl i think her name was Snooki." harry said " cool " niall said

Brianna view:I started to walk out the door when Laysia came walking out her house."hey" "guess what" laysia said "what" "i'm dating harry styles my face turned from happy to a fake smile. A bunch of things wondered through my head.we walked to school in silence. in my head still trying to think is this real or fake thank god it was Friday because i knew i would be focusing on what she said and not school.when school ended me Megan and Laysia talked about her dating harry.to me it seemed all fake and i couldn't take it any longer so i said this Laysia that is the biggest lie i heard in my life.if u were dating god dam fucking harry i would see u on tv but do i hell no your just like every one direction want a be. we all know none of us is good enough for one direction we are just three ugly bitches ok we will never ever get a chance with 1d i covered my mouth with my hand i didn't mean to say it "if that's how u feel go die in a hole your not my friend any more and your the only ugly bitch here not us"Laysia said

I ran of didn't know were i was going i just wanted to get away from everything.soon as i came to a dark ally i   sat down and started crying my eyes out. i just lost to of my best friends what have i done.Soon i start to hear a bunch of screaming ,suddenly a tall looking boy with blue eyes and blond hair comes running in the ally. The girls keep running passing the boy that hid in the ally with me. "what is such a beautiful girl doing in here" he asks in his thick irish accent. well u probably don't want to hear." i would love to hear,but excuse me i forgot to ask your name."he said "Brianna" "Niall" i sat there and told him the story.He stood up after i was done telling my story and put out his hand.i grabbed it and I stood up to my feet."i was wondering if u want to come to my place it's to cold for a beautiful girl like u to be to be out here."niall said "first i'm not beautiful like Laysia said i'm ugly" "well, then she don't have eyes" i smiled and said yes i'll come with u to your flat.


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