Music, Love, and Everything Inbetween

Meet Nikkelle, a directioner and a brand new Jack Wills model. And Zayn Malik, a gorgeous 1/5 of One Direction. When he sees her photo in Jack Willls he falls hopelessly in love, even though he's never met her. What will happen when they finally meet, and will she feel the same?


3. When He Saw Her

"Wake up Zaynie!!" I groaned and rolled over, yanking the covers up over my head. Harry yanked them back down. "Come on Zayn, it's 11 already and we're going to the mall! I need a new Jack Wills blazer!"


 I snorted. Harry and his precious Jack Wills. "You can go, just let me sleep!" 


"Nope!" Said Harry with a cheeky grin "You're coming with us!" I knew from experience that he wouldn't give up bugging me till I gave in.


 "FINE!" I shouted. I was rather grumpy in the mornings, especially when I was woken up. "I'll come to your stupid Jack Wills store! Just leave me alone so I can do my hair!" 


Harry laughed. "VAIN ZAYN!!" He shouted before running out of my room, slamming the door behind him. I wouldn't say I'm vain, I just happen to care about my hair....a lot!! 


I checked my phone. 12 texts from Perrie. We had another giant fight last night, and she was frantically texting me, trying to apologize. We had broken up last week, but she just wouldn't accept it!


 I typed a quick reply, then set to work on my hair. It was quite the process. First, I washed and conditioned it. Then, I carefully blow dried it, adding some mousse for extra volume. I put in some texturizer and the perfect about of gel, then styled it with my comb and fingers. 


I gave it a good spray with my Big Sexy Hair hairspray and I was ready. I pulled on some jeans and a varsity jacket, and went out into the kitchen. 


"Finally Zayn emerges from the depths of the bathroom!" shouted Louis from the table. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a piece of toast from the toaster. 


"ZAYNNNN!" screeched Niall. I dropped my toast in surprise. "That's MY TOAST!" Harry thinks I'm obsessed with my hair....try Niall and his food! 


"Niall!" Scolded Liam, also known as Daddy Direction. He kept us in line when we got a little rowdy, which was a lot.


"Sorry Nialler!" I apologized. "I'll make you a new one." 


"But it won't be the SAME!" Louis fake sobbed. I laughed. My mates were the best. I threw another piece of bread in the toaster. When it finally popped up, I chucked it to Niall, who grinned and shoved the whole thing in his mouth.


 I took my own toast and looked at Harry. "Do we HAVE to go to the mall?" I groaned.  


"Yup!" Harry said, smiling. 

I groaned again and yanked open the front door. "Come on, boys!" Everyone trudged out of the kitchen, except for Harry, who skipped out laughing at us. We hopped into our car and our driver dropped us off at the mall. We headed for Jack Wills.


 I followed Harry into the store, then stood frozen in place. Before me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had wavy, dark brown hair, big blue green eyes, and a slim figure. A faint smile played on her lips. I was pretty sure I had just fallen in love.



End note: ahhhh cliffhanger!! :) haha vote, comment and thanks for reading :) xxx ps I have no idea if that's really how Zayn does his hair, I just made it up haha

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