Music, Love, and Everything Inbetween

Meet Nikkelle, a directioner and a brand new Jack Wills model. And Zayn Malik, a gorgeous 1/5 of One Direction. When he sees her photo in Jack Willls he falls hopelessly in love, even though he's never met her. What will happen when they finally meet, and will she feel the same?


5. The Suprise

Zayn's POV:

"Harry! Louis!" I shouted, walking into their flat. Where were they!? I hadn't seen the boys for a while and I wanted to ask what they wanted to get for dinner, I was starving! I plopped down on their couch and felt a vibration in my pocket. 


I pulled out my phone and found a text from Harry. "Zaynie! We're hungry! Go get some pizza! And ps, we have a surprise for youuuuu! 
-Harry and Lou" I sighed, getting up to get a soda. Those two always had something weird planned, and I wondered what they were up to now.



 I opened up the twitter app on my phone, bored, but too lazy to call the pizza place. I tweeted, "Long day and I'm hungry! @Harry_Styles says he has a surprise for me, let's see how that goes, shall we? xxx" Almost instantly my feed was blowing up with retweets and tweets of "I love you Zayn!" 



I followed a few girls, then closed out of the app and called the pizza place. I ordered five pizzas, then sat and wondered about what my surprise could be.....



Harry's POV:

Nikkelle looked nervous as we drove to Zayn's flat. She fiddled with her hair, her necklace, her fingers. I touched her shoulder. "You nervous babe?" I asked, looking at her with concern.


 "I'm fine, it's just that- that  I've been wanting to meet you guys since the X Factor, and now that it's finally here, I don't know what to do! It's crazy!" I flashed my lady killer smile at her. 


"The boys will love you!" I said, throwing her a wink. "You're beautiful, nice, and funny."


 "Awww, thanks Harry," said Nikkelle, smiling hugely. 


"Don't thank me for the truth!" I said cheekily, throwing the model a wink. She really was stunning.  She blushed adorably, and smiled back at me. 


After twenty minutes, we finally pulled up to the flat. We got out of the car and went up the stairs to ring the doorbell. A faint voice from inside shouted, "Come in!" 



Nikkelle'a POV:


Oh. My. Gosh. I was standing in front of Zayn Malik's flat. I was walking through the door. I had just met Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Best freaking day of my life. 


Don't fangirl don't fangirl don't fang- "Zayn!" my thoughts were interrupted by Harry's shouting.


 "Yeah?' A voice with a warm British accent answered from inside. I knew that voice from all the interviews and twitcams I'd watched. It was Zayn. 


"Where are you?" shouted Harry. 


"On the couch!" came the reply. 


I followed Harry and Louis farther into Zayn's flat, taking a peek in the mirror on the way in to make sure my hair looked okay. Then we were there, standing in front of the couch. Zayn was sprawled out on it, but as soon as he saw me his eyes bugged out and he scrambled franticially to sit up. 


He pointed to Harry, his eyes still huge. "This is -" he pointed to me, then back to Harry. "-girl from 
Jack Wills - how did you - what???"





Authors Note:

Holy crap it took me sooo long to update! So sorry! Vote comment blah blah blah haha hope you liked it:)

For nikkelle: HUDAT I FINALLY UPDATED AREN'T YOU PROUD. Did you pee?? Hahah

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