Music, Love, and Everything Inbetween

Meet Nikkelle, a directioner and a brand new Jack Wills model. And Zayn Malik, a gorgeous 1/5 of One Direction. When he sees her photo in Jack Willls he falls hopelessly in love, even though he's never met her. What will happen when they finally meet, and will she feel the same?


2. The Interview

My eyes flew open as the sun streamed in trough my open window. Finally it was Saturday! I hopped out of bed, throwing a bathrobe over my tank top and short shorts. I tamed my wild afro morning hair into big loose waves with my curling iron, then went to find something to wear.


I flung open my closet doors and walked in. I began throwing things onto my bed. Maybe I'd wear this blouse with these pants. Or this jacket with this dress! Ugh typical girl problem - a million clothes but nothing to wear! I turned around from my closet to see my bed and floor were covered  with clothes and my closet was empty. I glanced at the time on my iPhone.


 Crap. I was supposed to be at the modeling place in 20 minutes! Deciding quickly, I threw on my new Jack Wills blazer and jeans along with my favorite pair of oxfords. I looked around, thinking maybe I should at least hang up some of my clothes. Nah, it can wait.


I sprinted to the bathroom where I applied my makeup carefully, then sprinted downstairs and into my Mini Cooper. I glanced at the address on the packet the lady had given me and began driving. 


It would be so cool if I got to model! But I'd never done it at all before! I started freaking out. I realllly wanted this! Should I do a serious sexy face or my normal smile?? No, my eyes get squinty when I smile. But what if I look stupid trying to do a serious face!?  


And my serious face sucks; I am not a serious, this could be hard! I plugged my phone into the speakers and turned on One Direction to calm my nerves. Their music, especially Zayn's voice, always calmed me down and made me feel better.


"Something's gotta give now, cause I'm dying just to make you see, that I need you here with me now, cause you've got that one thing."


I sighed. I felt relaxed, but I wished he was singing that to me, not some other girl. Probably Perrie. I loved him more than anything, but he didn't know I existed....Yeah, I'm kind of pathetic, but it's true!


I pulled up to a tall building with lots of windows and revolving front door. I ran into the building, checking my phone for the time. 3:59. "Yesssss!" I fist pumped as I ran into the room with Jack Wills written across the top in fancy writing. I burst through the doors to see at least 200 girls. 


My stomach started churning again. Apparently the butterflies decided to come back for another visit!! These girls looked like the real deal, like they had done this before. A woman with stunning violet eyes, shiny black hair, and a perfect complexion came up to me. "Hi, I'm Debroah. You here for the Jack Wills modeling audition?"


I smiled nervously. "Yup!" I said. "The sales girl told me to come." 


She smiled back, and said, "Come on over here honey, we'll get an outfit on you." Seriously!?! After all that stress over what to wear and my room now looking like a tornado hit it, they were giving me clothes to wear? Cool. 


She lead be back to a closet the size of my entire bedroom. She handed me a button up denim shirt, an oversized white knit sweater, coral colored jeans, and a pair of brown boots. "Just put the sweater over the denim shirt and make sure to tuck the jeans into the boots!" Deborah chirped. 


"Okay, thanks!" I said, heading towards a curtain she pointed to. I changed quickly, got touch ups on my hair and makeup, and sat down to wait for my turn. Finally they called my name, and I went up to the front, hands and knees shaking a bit. 


"Wow, what a beautiful girl!" said one of the ladies sitting before me. "Okay, we're going to need you to do your best sexy face. Look over there at the camera, Jonah will be taking pictures so we can see if you are photogenic." Are. You. Kidding. Me!? Um, how should I do a sexy face? I finally decided on  trying to look serious and hoped it'd come off as sexy.


 I looked into the distance, then thought how ridiculous I probably looked and couldn't help a small smile. Click! The shot was done, and I breathed a sigh of relief. 


"Okay, now let's see your best smile!" Today just wasn't my day. I smiled, trying not to let my eyes squint. "Perfect! Thank you, Nikkelle. We will contact you tonight if you have been chosen."


 "Okay, thanks! Bye!' I called over my shoulder as I left. I got home, cleaned my room, then sat by my phone and waited. And waited. And waited. No call, no text, no email from Jack Wills. 


I sighed. I was bummed, but oh well. I didn't think I would make it anyway, seeing as I had no experience in modeling. Just then, my phone vibrated. I typed in my passcode in record time and pulled up the text. 


"Nikkelle, we are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as a Jack Wills model! You will be the head model for this year and will be in all the stores and catalogs. Come to the modeling building at 7 on Monday. Thank you and congratulations!" 





Ahhhh! She got the modeling! wooooo!!! Haha comment, vote, the boys are gonna be in the next chapter :) thanks for reading xxx

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