Music, Love, and Everything Inbetween

Meet Nikkelle, a directioner and a brand new Jack Wills model. And Zayn Malik, a gorgeous 1/5 of One Direction. When he sees her photo in Jack Willls he falls hopelessly in love, even though he's never met her. What will happen when they finally meet, and will she feel the same?


4. Meeting 2/5 Of One Direction

Still Zayn's POV


Only problem was, she was just a picture on the wall of the store...... I didn't realize I was staring until I heard snickers from behind me. 


Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry  were all laughing at me! A blush rose in my cheeks. "Zayn has a crush!! Zayn has a crush!" They all chanted, except for Liam who just gave me an amused look. Thank goodness at least ONE of us is mature.  


I glared at them, my cheeks still hot. "Shut up...." I mumbled. "I don't even know her, I just think she's beautiful." 


Louis had an I-have-an-idea look on his face. "Maybe you CAN get to know her!" he said with a wink. He and Harry shared a look. Apparently they were both planning the same thing. 


Those two have some type of special connection, I swear. Everyone thinks they're in love, but Harry loves girls far too much for that! Harry snatched Louis' arm and together they rushed up to the front the store to the checkout stand. 


I followed closely behind, wanting to know their plan. "Oh no, Zaynie! You're going to  Hollister with Niall and Liam!" The four of them shared a knowing glance. What telepathic signal was I missing out on!? I rolled my eyes and left with Liam and Niall, wondering what they were up to. 





Nikkelles POV:


I still couldn't believe that I was a model, my face plastered in every Jack Wills store. 


I was on my way to a shoot, listening to One Direction, as usual. Gotta Be You was playing, and I sang along happily until the chorus. When it got to the part where they sang "it's gotta be  YOOOOOUUUUU!" I had to give up and just let the boys sing it. 


 I sounded like a dying cow to be honest.....Only One Direction could sing that part! Once I got there, I went inside and just about passed out. 


Harry FREAKING styles and Louis FREAKING Tomlinson were standing there with goofy grins on their faces. "That's her!" Harry whispered loudly to Louis. I swear, I peed a little bit!


"Hi, I'm Harry," Harry said, holding out his hand. I shook it, my fingers trembling. 


"Oh, believe me, I know who you are! Both of you! I listen to One Direction every day!" I rambled. "My favorite is Live Whi-"


"Zayns in looooove with you!" Louis blurted out, talking a bite of a carrot. 

I felt light headed again. "What?" I said, confused. 

Harry elbowed Louis in the ribs. "Boobear , you weren't supposed to tell her!" 

Louis shrugged. "Sorry Haz!"

 Harry turned to me.  "What he meant was, Zayn saw your picture in Jack Wills and he thinks you're beautiful so we came here to find you to see if you'd come meet him so he'll stop moping around about how he'll never meet you!" Harry said in one breath. 

"Are you for real. Are you kidding!?!" I nearly screeched. 

Harry and Louis looked taken aback. "Umm, yes we're for real and no, we're not kidding....he walked into Jack Wills and stared at your picture for like, 20 minutes! So we wanted to surprise him by bringing you back to our flat."

I tried to contain myself. Don't fangirl, don't fangirl, don't fangirl! "Sure, I'd love to, right after my shoot!" Oh. My. Gosh!!!! 

The two boys high fived each other. "Zayn is going to have a heart attack!!!" screamed Louis. 


I laughed, heading into the room where I was photographed. The boys followed me, saying, "We'll just come watch and then as soon as you're done we can take you back with us. " 


"Sounds great!" I said. I couldn't wait!




I can't wait for Nikkelle and Zayn to meet!! Woooooo!! Zayn is so HAWT! And Nikkelle, I hope you peed a little when you read this! Love you haha :)
Thanks for reading loves!! xxx hahaha I feel British now!! I wish I was British. Anyway I'll update soon! :) :) :) thanks again! Vote, comment, all that jazz woooo!! I'm hyper today! hahaha

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