Music, Love, and Everything Inbetween

Meet Nikkelle, a directioner and a brand new Jack Wills model. And Zayn Malik, a gorgeous 1/5 of One Direction. When he sees her photo in Jack Willls he falls hopelessly in love, even though he's never met her. What will happen when they finally meet, and will she feel the same?


1. Meet Nikkelle

Nikkelle's POV:

"Welcome to Jack Wills!" the sales girl greeted me as I walked in, inhaling the scent of my favorite store and humming "Live While We're Young". I smiled back, saying hello. I made my way to the jean section. I needed a new pair of skinnies.

I found some in the perfect shade of fire engine red, and went to the dressing room to try them on. I asked the girl for a room, and she quickly unlocked a stall for me. I pulled off my shorts and slipped on the jeans. I scrutinized the fit with my big blue green eyes, and decided they were perfect.

As usual, they fit like a glove, showing off my legs. I stepped out of the dressing room and asked the girl, "What tops or jackets do you have that would go with these?"

"Those look amazayn on you!" I grinned. Seemed as if the sales girl was a fellow directioner!

"Thanks!" I said, smiling. "The color is absolutely phenominiall, I've been looking for it everywhere! It's just fablouis!"

She laughed at my directioner lingo, then held up a black blazer with striped lining. "This would look perfect with those jeans! And I was going to mention, We are looking for pretty girls to work here, would you be interested in filling out an application?"

I sighed. Every time I came in here, they asked me to work there. It was my favorite store, but that didn't wanted to spend all my time here! "No thanks, I'm good with just shopping here."

She looked disappointed for a moment, then lit up like she had just gotten an idea. "How about you model for us? You're perfect for it!"

I smiled. Now that could be fun. "I would love to!" I exclaimed. She pulled out a little booklet from behind the counter.

"Just go to this address this Saturday, and if they like you, they'll have you model!" said the girl. I noticed her name tag said "Sara" on it.

"Okay, thanks Sara!" She rung up my blazer and jeans, and I left the store, brimming with excitement at the thought that I, Nikelle could be a Jack Wills model!! It would be absolutely extrordiharry!! It would be INZAYN!!

I hopped into my car and blasted one direction. "Man, I love those boys!" I thought as I drove. I thought about Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam more than I'd care to admit!
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