How to save a life

Kelly was just a normal girl living i california. She was often bullied about how much she love 1d. Her parents get her concert tickets to a id concert, but when a certain Liam Payne takes her backstage will she tell him about her past? Will she trust him?Or will she go back to self harm when things go bad at school?


2. chapter 2

kellys p.o.v

"Hey Kel,do ya know whos coming here in a month?", my best friend Gina said. She has medium length hair and brown eyes. "Duh i would have to live under a rock not to, ONE DIRECTION IS COMIN TO CALI!!!.", i said. We both laughed and walked into class. Our teacher was giving some stupid lecture about how we need gas prices to go down. History was my fave subject and he was ruining it with gas prices. Gina and i were passing little notes through class cuz we were so bored. Lunch finally rolled around so i drove us to Del Taco. "Man can this food get anymore greasy?", Gina asked. "Fuck off Gina! At least were not eating that nasy cafetiria food," i said. We were laughing until Natile walked in with the other perfect people. " Well well well," she said. "Figures we would find you guys anywhere BUT school",Natile said. thay all laughed at us. All of Del Taco laughed. We knew she wouldnt take it any further cuz their were other people here. I just cant stand her sometimes. so i lost it,"You know what Natile, Im tired of your shit! Your one to talk so just fuck off bitch!" With that i left and me and Gina went back to school.

Gina's P.O.V

Why did they have the right to make us feel like shit? To be honest im happy Kelly lost it, cuz if she didnt i would have. Kelly had tears in her eyes when we got back to school. I hate what they are doing to my best friend! I tried to cheer her up but it didnt work. I might have told her what om getting her for her birthday. Opps!


A/N  Hey Alligators i hope you liked it. In america wstern time its 5:40 am right now so im up an hour early for you guys. I had no replies on my first chapter so thats dissapointing but i gotta keep worknin on it! Tell me how you liked it cuz if ya like it i will keep writin

Question of the day: where do ya live? I live in the states

Later Alligators

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