How to save a life

Kelly was just a normal girl living i california. She was often bullied about how much she love 1d. Her parents get her concert tickets to a id concert, but when a certain Liam Payne takes her backstage will she tell him about her past? Will she trust him?Or will she go back to self harm when things go bad at school?


1. chapter 1

a/n: hello this is my very first book so if you guys dont like it plz tell me and i will stop. bye!


Hi my name is Kelly and im 17. I have wavy light brown hair, green eyes, and lots of freckles. My best friend is Gina, and were dedicated directioners. My life at home is perfect but at school im the person no one wants to sit with. People hate me. I guess you could say im a waste of air. and im anything but beautiful. I have been cutting for 5 years now, iv have tried to stop but i just cant, i just wish i could be at a diffrent school where people except me. My birthday is tomorrow. I have hinted many times how much i want tickets to a One Direction concert, they will be in California in a month! Anyways school starts tomorrow so i better get going if i dont wanna wake up lookin like a zombie. Tootles



A/N i hope you guys enjoyed this first chapter. my dads mad that im not in bed yet so i gtg i might update tomorrow but idk

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