1. The... Strike

Danny was about to fall asleep when lightning hit the top of the car. Baby Ana screamed and then laughed as hard as she possibly could. Dad still snored on in the passenger seat of the car, while mom almost swerved off the road. The old blue mini van had a little hole in the roof where the lightning hit, which leaked water right onto Danny's lap.
"Oh, great. Mom, water is leaking from the roof right onto my brand new shorts!" He told his mom. "It's alright, Danny, it's water. It'll dry soon." She replied.
Danny Gorman was 12 years old with straight black hair and blue eyes that sparkled like the sea, just like his mothers. He had light brown freckles all over his face. His skin was tan, and he was tall. He was a good looking guy, just like his father. He was a good student in school, he loved learning. But he wasn't the nerd you'd expect. He loved hanging out with his friends and family, expect ally his baby sister Ana.
So anyway, the Gorman's were driving to Philadelphia to see some family he had never met before. He was really excited. Aunts, uncles, and cousins that he didn't know. He liked meeting new people but he was also really nervous. Would they like him? Little did Danny know, that was the least of his worries.
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