2. The Dream

Danny's parents kept urging him to fall asleep, it would make the ride go faster. Finally, Danny got to have some sleep. He drifted off, right as the van passed the state line of Virginia.
In his dream, he was in the blue van. It was silent. They were on the interstate, it shouldnt have been quiet. Then, he realized that something was wrong. It was dark and it looked like the headlights were off. Then, he realized everyone in the van was asleep. The car was driving itself. They eased around a turn and then, there were two dots of light that were very faint. As the car moved on, they got bigger. He couldn't figure out what it was. It was killing him. He glanced at everyone in the car. They looked so peaceful. He decided to try to sleep too. Then, he knew where he was and what was going on. He shot out of his seat and tried to wake up his mom.
"MOM!" Danny yelled. "We're gonna hit that car on the other side if the road! Wake up! Move us out of the way! Hurry!" Danny tried to shake his mom awake but she was ice cold. He tried to move the wheel because he knew that his mom wasn't going to help him. He gripped the wheel and when he tried to turn it, it was stuck. He used every last muscle in his body somehow to try and get that wheel to move. It wouldn't budge. The other car was about 100 feet away and he knew he was a goner. When the other car got close enough, he could tell that the other people in the opposite car weren't conscious either. He prayed to God to please, let him survive. He was so scared. He knew he was going to die once that other black truck got to his mini van. Then, they crashed.
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