Just ℓ⚙ϑƎ

The title is just love, if you can't read it! Shaye and her friend peri win a contest to hang out with one direction! Shaye has always had a huge crush on Harry. Will Harry fall for her too?


1. We're too young

"here we go" I say to Peri barely able to hold my excitement. I dial the number of the radio station. 
"hi and guess what"
"I won?!" 
"Darn it" I couldn't help but shed a tear. I hope peri is having any luck. I turn to her 
"woooooo" she screamed
"what" I hissed the word out. I couldn't wait to hear the answer. 
She mouthed the word that would change my life forever "we won"
I started to do my happy dance. 
"there is a problem shaye"
"We are too young, we are only 16."
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