Just ℓ⚙ϑƎ

The title is just love, if you can't read it! Shaye and her friend peri win a contest to hang out with one direction! Shaye has always had a huge crush on Harry. Will Harry fall for her too?


2. Childish

"Crap, maybe Madison can help!" my excitement grew as I flew out of the room. I raced to her room. Letting my feet run as fast as I could though the house. Our house is a mansion. Just me, my mom, my sister. Not much sense in that. I ran to her room which was halfway a cross the house. I was struggling to breath. 
"stop calling me sissy you are what? 16 now?"
"shut up your are only this grumpy when you are without Austin."
She stuck her tongue out at me. And she has the nerve to call me childish. My thoughts raced to Harry. How perfect his hair was. Those emerald eyes. 
"can you do me a favor SISSY?"
The next thing I knew we were flying across the house again. My thoughts trailed off to Harry again. Most of the time that's where my mind wanders. Oh what I wouldn't give to see him in real life and here I was. An answer away from seeing him. The next thing I knew Peri was trying to get my attention. 
"shaye we won"
" wa?"
"yep. In one day we will be riding in a private jet on our way to London. "
I whirled around to give madison a big fat hug. 
" Uh thanks squirt. For helping me get a way to see Austin."
"your welcome sissy."
She walked out of the room
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