Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


9. Chapter 9

"TELL US NOW!!" all her friends screamed. Gosh! "Ok well.... Harry would you like to tell them or should I?" she asked knowing they would get in patient. "Hold up. If this is about you two 'dating' after knowing each other for a day.. I don't want to hear it!" Micheal says. Wel then... "Listen here mister. I did not ask for you to come, you chose to. So know if you dont want to hear anything why don't you just get your shit and leave. Maybe all of us here can have some fun. Thank you!" Nikki replied bluntly. Wow. Feisty one to eh?! Micheal kinda just rolled his eyes and kept listening. "ME AND HARRY ARE BOTHERS AND SISTERS!!!" She screams at the top of her lungs. They all scream louder if that's possible! "ok girls! We know this is exciting bu please save the screaming for a horror film!" Louis shouts. Well then... "Omg! I'm best friends with HARY STYLES SISTA!!" Angie screams. I just laugh. Well today has been very interesting in my opinion! "Ok Nikki well CONGRATS! But I'm pretty tired and I better be getting home now.. Cmon Micheal!! Let's go!!" Victoria says. Micheal gets up and walks over to us and just planely says b'bye. "Hey nikki? Can I talk to you...alone?" he asked her. Wtf!?! "um.. Sure." I can tell she really does not want to be there. I walk over to the boys and they were getting along just fine with Jaydon. I guess he might not be that bad. I pretend to be in the conversation as I eves drop on them.
Micheal: hey well I know you have permission to go to prom this year since you technically are a senior so I was wondering if you wanna go to prom with me?
Nikki: I'm sorry Micheal! I know I can but to be honest I want my first and only prom to be with my friends that I love. Not my best friends brother. I'm sorry I hope you can understand!
Micheal: yeah I understand. But I still wanted to do this............

wtf! He is kissing her!! She is trying to get out of it so I run over and knock him down. I don't bother to see Nikkis face but just focus on why this bastard did to my little sister. I kept punching and punching till I felt someone push me off him. "Yeah that's right you little punk! Don't bother to came back or it'll just get worse!!" I yell as he runs out the door. All I can think is "where's Nikki?!"

He kissed me!! That fucking bastard kissed me! I ran into the movie room so no one could see me cry. I heard someone running after me. Shit!!
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