Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


7. Chapter 7

ok. I told my friends to meet me at my house. I didn't however tell them that one direction was with me. what's the fun in that?! "ok boys. I told my friends TJ met me in my house but they don't know your here with me so your a surprise!" I tell them. "A SURPRISE?! OH GOODIE! CAN J HAVE A BOW ON MY HEAD?!" Louis asked. only him. "If you want!" I say winking. "ok so when we get there I will get off and then text one of you to come inside got it?!" I said. this is going to be great! They nod and talk amongst themselves. We finally arrived after telling Liam a couple directions. They all gasped at my house. Yeah my parents were filthy rich. "Wow. And I thought we were loaded!" Harry said a little surprised. I just laughed. Game face on. "Ok just wait till I tell you!" I say. I ran out the door and walk up to my door. I unlocked it to find everyone in the living room. ok let me introduce them so you have somewhat of an idea.
Jaydon-tall, half black, very flirty, light brown hair, hazel eyes
Angie- short, a little chubby, funny, brown hair and eyes
Micheal- Victorias older brother
Dione- tall,Asian, British( I know weird combo but she really is one of my bestest friends)
Victoria- average height, jet black hair, Mexican, brown eyes
"Hey people of Jupiter!!" I yell. they all looked up and ran over to me. I haven't seen them in ages! "NIKKI WE MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!" Jaydon says. " I missed you guys to! but I have a surprise!!" I yell Angie rolls her eyes. "All your surprises are expensive! like when you gave me a motorcycle?! it better be non expensive!" she yells. what!?! I like to spoil the people I love!! "ok ok ok. I did not spend any money on this what's so ever! just a sec..." I say texti g Zayn.
-ok come out now but ring the doorbell and act like your the pizza man. the pizza should be in the garage. I pre ordered it. HURRY!-
I hit send and waited for the door. "Who's that?!" victoria asked. "oh I ordered pizza can you guys get it for me?!" I ask acting lazy. they nod. I hear the door open and a few shrilling screams....
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