Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


6. Chapter 6


"Harry and Nikki?" a nurse called. This is it. I looked over to see Jaz looking pretty nervous. "Ready love?" I say pretty nervous myself. "Ready." She says. We follow the nurse to a little doctors office. "ok well the doctor should be in, in a couple minutes." the nurse said. We just nodded. "Are you nervous?" I ask. She looks up. "Very.." she sighs. "what's wrong? The worst that can happen is us not being related but I bet we would be really close friends!" I say trying to lighten up the mood. She smiled. Just then the door opened. "Harry and Nikki correct?" he asked. "yes sir!" I say. "Ok well I'm Doctor Castaneda but you can call me may I help you guys today?!" he asked. He was pretty young too. I explained to him our situation and drew some blood from both of us. "The results will be out in a out 35 minutes." He says. He leaves the room and we were stuck in an awkward silence. " Whatever happens it's for the best." I say. She smiles and nods. After a few minutes of being on my phone tue nurse came in. "Ok the doctor is pretty busy and I am not allowed to have his information so is it ok if one of your friends waiting
outside tells you the results?!" she asked. "Up to you love" I say looking at Nikki"Ok the blonde one.... His names Niall." she says. The nurse nods and walks out. "ARE YOU READY?!" Niall says in his announcer voice. Nikki giggles. "OK. HARRY AND NIKKIYOU GUYS ARE......SIBLINGS!!!!" once he said that little sentence I ran over to her and gave her a bone crushing hug. "Welcome to the family!" I said. Wow. The beat moment in my life!!


wow. I was THE Harry Styles sister. I bet you could imagine how that felt. We walked out of the room just to find 3 eager faces waiting for us to tell them. "YES!" I yell. They seemed to get my point and hugged me. "Welcome to the 1D family!" Louis yelled. "thanks Lou! Anyways why don't we celebrate in me casa?!". I do that Alot just to let you know. Mix my Spanish and English. They nod. We head back to the car. "Harry can j invite like 5 friends over and tell them the news?!" I ask hopping he would say yes! I don't have very many friends so the ones I have are really special. "ok that's fine with me!" he laughs. I instantly dial my friends and tell them to meet me at my house. They all have a key because mi casa es la case de ellos! (my house is there house) I can't wait to tell them!!!
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