Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


4. Chapter 4

After the little pitstop we made we headed off to the bank to deposit the money my real mom had given me. "Ok were going to wait in the car so we don't get noticed. Well be parked in the back." Liam said. I quickly got off only to find Harry opening the door for me. "I tought you were staying in the car. " I said. "I want to spend as much time as I can with my my sister." he says. I was abou to protest but I mean there was a possibility right? I just nodes and went inside. There was a guy, around my age, average height, blonde, blue eyes, attractive but not really my type. "Hi welcom to Chase! How may I help you today?" he says checking me out. Boys. I guess Harry noticed it too because h just kept glaring. "Yeah I need to deposit some money but I think it's too much to put in at one time." I mean the bag was pretty heavy. "Ok let's go to my office over here. " he goes and sits down. Harry is still glaring at him. " Ok so how much are we talking about?" he asked. I looked over to Harry. I got out the bag and counted silently in my head. 50 MILION DOLLAS!!!! I mean it isn't that much because I was spoiled rotten but I've never had this kind of money to myself! "Um it's about....50 million.." I basically whisper. Even Harrys eyes pop. "Well wow. Where did you get that kind of money?" the banker... His name tag says Carlos. Not the best name for a white blonde blue eyed kid huh. "None of your business now can we or not?!" Harry says a little fustrated. I put my hand on his knee to try to calm him down. It always calmed me down so I guess this is another sign that we might be related. Other than the curly hair. Carlos did the transaction but before leaving, he wrote something on the receipt and gave it to me. I just stuffed it in my pocket and walked off. "What did it say?!" Harry said a little bothered. You know what no not a little. A lot!! "I don't know let's just get back to the boys!" I say trying to change the subject. Yeah not gonna work. "Nikki, give it now!" he demanded. At this point I was a little scared!! We need to work on his temper! I gave him the receipt and looked over his shoulder to read it as well. In blue pen it said: You can do WAY better;) call me;) 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX. Wow. "Harry let's just go. I'm never going to see him again!" I say pulling him to the car. Wow. I'm stuck with Harry styles as an overprotective brother. I wonder what happens when he finds out that I like Niall? Wait. Did I just say/think that?! I guess so. I LIKE NIALL FREAKING HORAN!!!
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