Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


39. Chapter 34


"So girls.... TALK!" I say while driving. Maddie is in the passengers seat and Jazz and Claudie were in the back. "Well Liam is waay to perfect for me." Maddie sighed. "Chica!! He'd be really lucky to have you! Trust me" I said. "You really think so?!" Maddie said looking over at me. I nodded my head. "Girl you are gorgeous and an amazing person!" Jazz said. "Thanks girls, but it's him I want, not you guys." Maddie said laughing. "True! But Zayn is just so damn hot and he's so nice and shy..." Jazz said batting her eyelashes. "Zayn is pretty cute.." I said messing around. "Hey he's mine!" Jazz said laughing. "Anyways enough about them two! Harry is fucking amazing!" Claudie yelled. "Ewww gross!" I yelled. "You must be mental!" Claudie said. "She's not mental! But that's her brother!" Maddie said laughing. "Oh yeah I forgot! Sorry girl!" Claudie said patting my shoulder. "It's ok! But I trust you not to hurt him right?!" I said raising my brow. "Of course!!" She said. "Well you have my blessing!" I wink. "We're not getting married!!!!..... Yet!" Claudie said in a fit of laughter. "Ok girls where to?!" I said on a stop sign. "TO THE MALL!" They all yelled. "Yes ma'am a!" I said laughing. I'm glad to have my girls back at my side!


"So are we all goin to have girlfriends soon?!" I yell as we get in the car. "Not me!" Louis said fake crying. "Louis youll find someone!" Liam said patting his back. "But I want a hot one like the girls!!" He said fake crying more. "Trust me! You will!" Harry said stroking Louis hair. "But I want hot ones like the girls!" He said pouting. "Louis you will have a super sexyliciouse girlfriend soon ok?!" Zayn said. "Whatever!!" Louis said going into the car. "Ok boys, where to?!" I said buckling my seatbelt. "SHOPPING!" They all yelled in unison. "BFF POWERS!" They all yell high pitched. I couldn't help but shake my head in laughter. " I guess to the mall it is!" Liam said pulling out of the driveway. Our car ride.... Was normal to is, but to the human eye..... It might seem a little, hectic? Chaostic? Yeah something like that. We finally made it to the mall. "THANK GOD!" Liam said getting out of the car as soon as he turned the car off. "Shades up! Beanies on!" I yell. We all put out shades and beanies on. I made sure to cover all my blonde locks. "Ok let's try not to get caught this time!" Louis said walking to the doors. We were having a best and we hasn't got caught yet. We entered Hollister. "Yeah that's way cute girl! If you don't get it I will!" I heard a familiar voice say. "Guys! The girls are here! Let's eves drop yeah?" I said. They all nodded. We went to the guy clothes by the fitting rooms since that's where they were. I spotted Nikki right away. We kept our head down just so they won't notice us. "So what do you really think of Niall?!" Jazz says. Soon all the girls are around her. "Well honestly.... He's terrible. He's just not for me! But I want his game to run off on me since I'm going into the singing business or whatever." She said with no emotions what so ever. What....the....fuck.... I felt my heart drop. Why me?

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