Surprise! [Niall Horan]

When Nikis boss records her singing and posts it online, the most amazing thing happens to her. Just read to find out;)


37. Chapter 33

I wake up next to the guy I fell in love with. I swear this is amazing. He has no idea how much I care for him... "Why are you up so early?!" He groaned. I managed to giggle at his morning voice. So hot..."well I'm hungry!!" I say getting on top of him. It's a weird position but he doesn't seem to mind. "Well so am I actually..I guess we could get up." He said sitting up and kissing me for a little bit. He pulled away as soon as I did. "Morning cupcake" he said smiling. "Well good morning to you too!" I getting off him. We soon entered the bathroom and brushed our teeth and all that. "Aren't you going to change?" Niall asked me as I open my door. I looked down at what I was wearing. Sports bran and spanks...."nope. I mean the boys have eye candy already with my besties and I've known these girls my whole life.." I say shrugging.. He laughed. "I bet you anything they will all get together. " hie said extending his hand. "Haha but I think so too! Hurry Niall! I'm hungry!" I say pouting. "Aww! Well If you want me to hurry then I guess I have to...carry you!!!" He said putting me over his shoulder. "NIALL! STOP IT!!" I yell while I'm laughing. I have no where to look but at his ass. I managed to get my arm out of between us and smack it. "Hey!!" He sayId rubbing it. "I warned you Horan! Now set me down!" I yell. "NEVER IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!" He sang. Oh Niall. "Ok just cause you Niall Horan doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!" I shout still trying to get down. "Oh really? Cause I'm pretty sure I'm doing what I want right now." He said walking down stairs. "Well your gonna pay! Just cuase your going to be 20 doesn't mean your big and bad!" I yell. He laughed. "But I'll be older than you and that's all that matters!" He said finally setting me down. He looks at me and leans in for a kiss. I lean in too but at the last second move out of the way and walk into the kitchen. He stumbles forward with a confused face. "Hey!" He yelled with a sad face. "I told you to put 

me down and you didn't! No kiss until I decide to forgive you!" I say sternly joking. "B-b-but......I can't live without your kisses!" He pouts. I try my best to keep a straight face. "Well I guess I'll start planning your funeral!" I sing. His mouth opens in shock. I laughed as so did everyone who was eavesdropping. "Hey! Why were you guys eavesdropping?!" I shout at them. "No! You guys are just really loud...." Louis said . "Whatever! But yeah, get y'all's speeches ready for Niall's funeral!" I said going to the fridge. "What?!" Niall said shocked. "Hey he asked for it! I have this master plan that will slowly kill him.....and it's perfect!" I laughed evilly......."guys this is what happens when Nikki doesn't eat on her schedule ." Claudie said . I nodded. "Someone please get her food.... She's gonna kill all of us in our sleep.." Zayn said wide eyed. "Here I'll make you some eggs and bacon." Niall said smiling. "So Niall, did you party hard?!" Harry asked. "Yeah! I had a really good time! All thanks to my baby girl!" He said hugging me from behind. "Aww anything for my little Irish baby!" I said pinching his cheeks. "Aye! Those are my cheeks!!" Louis yelled jumping on Nialls back. "Erm...... I don't think he means those cheeks...." Liam said laughing. "Hey those are mine!" I yell point at Louis. "I really didn't want to hear that.." Harry said closing his eyes. "Chill bro! I'm only kidding!" I messing up his hair. "HOW DARE YOU! This was styled to perfection and you just messed it up, no" he said pouting. "Haz, I think we all know all you did was wake up and didn't even touch your hair this morning!" I yell. "Shhhhhh it took effort to wake up!" He said putting I finger on my lips. I bit it. "Ooowwwwww! Be carful Nial!! She's a biter!" Harry said shaking his hand up and down, like that would make it feel better. "Hey good thing I like it rough" Niall said winking but failed by laughing. "You set that one up yourself Harry!" i said laughing. "That is discusting, remind me to never look at you two again!" Harry said gagging. "Whatever! So Girls!! Did they boys treat you all well last night?!" I asked. They gave me the look as in we need to have a girl talk. "Yeah we slept pretty good!" Maddi said smiling. "Thats good!" I said winking. "Nikki get your mind out of the gutter!" Jazz said laughing. "Hey! Your head is in waaaay deeper than mine!" I yell back. "Whatever! Anyways... what should we do today?!" Jazz said changing the subject. "How about we just go to sleep?!" Harry asked. "OR NAH!" All of us girls yell in unision. "BFF POWERS!" We all yell again. The boys look at us like we are crazy. "Hey, dont act like yall dont do stupid stuff together!" Claudie yelled. "we do, but after we do it we dont yell..'BFF POWERS!'" Louis said mocking us. "Ok fine! You guys dont get to hang with us today! It's a girl day!" I said winking at the girls. "But babe!! I havent spent time with you in like forever!" Niall said pouting. "But i havent seen my girls in ages!" I said lookingat him. "I promise tomorrow its just you and me ok?!" I said biting my lip. "I like the sound of that." Niall said smirking. he started to lean in for a kiss. I spun around really fast. "Ok girls lets go get ready!" I yell. "Fucking tease!" Niall mumbled. "It's what i do best!" I said pecking his cheek. "Your fucking hot." Niall said patting Harry's back. "Shut up! I already deal with you two sucking face!" He said annoyed. "Get used to it mate!" Liam said chuckling. I run up the stairs to get ready with my girls!







"So how are you all with Nikki's friends?!" I said smirking. "I dont know what youre talking about!" Harry said blushing. "Stop pretending like you dont know!" I said laughing. "Well she is pretty cute.." Zayn said looking at his food. "and funny.." Liam said looking at his feet. "and just perfect in general.." Harry said under his breath. "And im all fucking lonely!" Louis yelled. "Awww Louis! YOu have me!" I said sitting in his lap. "Ive always liked you Niall.." He said slapping my bum. "OI! easy there big boy." I said winking. I love my brothers. "So the girls are going out today! Do you lads want to do something?" Louis asked. I was still sitting on top of him by the way.. "How about we go shopping, or just walk around and meet some fans, or go to a moviee?!" Zayn suggested. "we can do all of the above!" I chirped. The boys all nodded. "so you and nikki.. is there a marriage coming soon?!?!" Louis said wiggling his eyebrows. "Louis! He just started dating her!" Harey practicly yellrd. "No worries lads, i wont do anything like that until i know we are both ready." i said. Did i just say i wanted to marry her?!? I think i did! woah.... "Hey! Get your hands off my sexxy man!" Nikki says smiling. "He was mine waaaaaaay before yours sista!" Louis said cocking his neck. "whatever. Anyways im going to start heading out love!" She said kissing my lips. every kiss with her makes my stomach do summersaults! "Alrighty. call me if you need anything. Me and the boys are going to start heading out as well.," I said looking into her eyes. "yeah have fun!" she said pecking my lips on last time. "Niall just keeps on getting the sugar!" zayn said. nikki flicked them off on her way out. "Shes fiesty!"' Liam gasped. 'Just how i like them!" I said smirking. "STOP!" haryy yelled while wrestling me to the floor. "HARRY! That was supposed to be just an 'us' thing!' Louis pouted. "Sorry honey, i just got carried away.." We all just startedlaughing. "BFF POWERS!" we all yelled. Were one crazy family. Off we go1










OMG! i havent been on her in FOREVER! anyways i found my laptop and i promise to update almost every night! Oh and if you write fanfics...with my bae Niall, comment what your story is called so i can read it in my spare time! Kik me if you just want to chat! im always her ready to just talk! my kik is: nikki_1323

anyways i promise there will be trouble up ahead! A story is only good times for so long! Bad things will happen! and make this waaaay more interesting i promise! Oh and if you want to be one of the characters, kik me! I have a spot for Louis Gf sooon.... and theres more spots for you ladies too! Just kik me and ill give you the info! Thank you guys so much! Love you all! Goodnight! x.






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